If you can get to the spot it is part of the map (Discussion on Kill zones on ground maps)

No way that’s how they fixed it when they said:


I almost refuse to believe that.

I do it every game. I also see very little response or team changing their gameplay around it.

Just remember, if you do start early like many of us knowledgeable players do, your message is only going to those who have already joined.

Using quick radio sparingly, even that set squad target bind with your autosquadie is a useful thing. Any pings on the map are going to get artilleried. I also call out that I’m artying out front, or over a cap, then ping the area that I dropped it.

It’s tricky, but there is genuinely a mind in behind that player, many think like you that they aren’t being listened to.

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On Advance to the Rhine, in the bottom right hand corner of C7, is an out of bounds area. The entire map is surrounded by building ruins and rubble, yet this little open space has an out of bound warning. It’s not like you can drive out of the map area.

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Invisible walls would be annoying I’d rather be able to dip in to the map edge than not have access.

We’re not talking of invisible walls here…

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That needs reporting as a map bug, and should be blocked off.

knowing gaijin they would just stick ugly tank traps or an out of place object there

Yea, that could be appropriate for a short term block, like a week, but the map should be worked over on a more regular basis, and spread out further into the outer streets to expand on the maps and make them bigger, and more ‘capable’ of ‘variance’.

port novo had a 6 trap deep blockage in one spot for years so they would not do more than that, too lazy

I’m sure they would if certain people got in there to make suitable changes…

the thing is if you hit 1 bit of rubble at the right angle you could still get there relatively easily tho it was high risk to do so since if you fail you are stuck on traps out in the open

That needed to be reported as a map bug/glitch then. If that sort of thing is put forth in that kind of method, it’d be fixed, maybe not immediately, but definitely eventually.

not really a bug/glitch but a flaw in map design, does that pile of rubble need to be there? no so just a flaw in how they think

If it’s to make it harder for you to get somewhere, then it serves a purpose.

With your statement, we may as well remove all obstacles from the map and just be shooting over flat ground and junk.

That would require players to realize not all strategic areas on a map have white circles on them. Take Carpathia for example. It does not matter what version you get the castle is always in play. Whoever holds that wins. However those who have played the game long enough might remember that the one side of Carpathia wasn’t always a steep drop-off and that there was a spot you could get to beyond the map border that allowed for spawn-sniping with impunity, but only one side had access to that spot.

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I more so meant that if they did not wish people to use the physics system that is ingame to their advantage to get to locations then they should also think of prop placement to make sure such situations do not happen, you could only get there by 1 knowning about it and 2 hitting the jump right.

Also a good example of bad killzones is Carpathians, there is a spot where if you reverese a bit too much you will slide down a fucking mountain and good luck getting back up in the short amount of time given to you by the game, cause you can’t it is a death sentence

If you’ve slid and are stuck by trying to do goat stuff, then that’s a good killzone, especially if you aren’t able to get back out.


When you consider what it must take to program a new top tier tank/aircraft and compare it to a simple thing like a map, well I am no programmer but simply drawing a smaller square around a map to compact the playing area is easily done by a simpleton.
What is the purpose of this? Why just keep reducing map size and funneling ground players into kill boxes? It certainly isn’t to enhance game play or player enjoyment? The fact GJ allows players to remove certain maps from rotation suggests maps are an issue. Wish they’d introduce new maps as often as they introduce new premium vehicles. Example of a 50% reduction in map size. What great skill was involved in this project?

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I more so mean when sitting on the edge near the bushes to ambush anyone trying to go around the bottom cap on the outside, sometimes you reverse too much and well getting back up takes years so I tend to always try to jump the dragon teeth, there are 3 layers so a waste of time, the traction system in game is so ass