If you can get to the spot it is part of the map (Discussion on Kill zones on ground maps)

This is a thread that I am making to see people thoughts on the kill zones around places gaijin does not want you to access.

My opinion is as follows, if you can get there it should be part of the play area if they didn’t want people to go to specific spots they should use non intrusive game design to make these spots inaccessible (concrete blocks and such), but even then getting rid of such spots is kind of bland since it removes another aspect of the game, map knowledge, if through normal means and no glitches someone can get to a spot they should be able to be there without threat of being blown up via some timer.

A good example is Jungle a map that had a well known sniper ridge that was in the game for YEARS before suddenly being blocked off by huge ugly rocks and kill zones.

What are your opinions on this? Do you think that the skill of getting to sniper spots should be removed thus removing another factor in this game so people are funneled into corridors created by kill zones or are you for people learning maps and how to access sniper spots or good defensive positions.

Learning a map is a skill that should not be removed just because people complain about a spot or two, I get absurd spots but if such spots are an issue make reasonable means of blocking that spot instead of just putting ugly quick fixes.

skill of getting to sniper spots

You mean pressing W?

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I more so meant spots that are out of the way a bit not have a clear path to em, spots I am thinking of require you to know the traction system in WT decently to get to em, for example I know a spawn camping spot on finland that is a huge risk to get to but if you get there you deny the entire enemy team, and it is a slow process

You mean using the stupid traction system that was put in place because they were too lazy to fix these spots in the first place and instead just made a joke of the game where you can drift UPWARDS on slopes and tanks no longer feeling like tanks and instead just became a chore to drive around, avoiding any sort of incline beyond a few degrees, also losing speed driving over a picket fence because that’s realistic.

One sided spots are bad anyways, no team should have a clear advantage because of map design, someone needs to tell Gaijin this though because Port Novoro is clearly one sided, Poland is clearly one sided, 38th is/was clearly one sided, Normandy clearly favored one side and then there’s that joke of a middle east map.

If it’s a more central location that both sides can use it’s different, but that’s not always the case, so it’s good some of these maps are being adjusted, sadly Gaijin lacks the competence to do this, look at Italy/Campania, or Kursk/Fire Arc or Poland/Winter Poland.


my issue is they are lazy and just make kill zones or ugly modifications to a map, if I can clearly see a path to a spot then I should be able to get there without the threat of being blown up.
I also know a spot on the 38th which is bs but wasn’t that powerful before since the other side had a similar spot but now one side has their spot blocked by a kill zone, why do I not mention which spots? because I want them to stay ingame, because I think that knowing such spots on a map makes you more aware and the average WT player is anything but that

Why? If you can clearly see the path why shouldn’t opponent also clearly see the path you might take and stop you? Main key is terrain control. When your team establish teraain control only then you can safetly go to the spot.

But I do agree with you. There should be some tactical advantage from certain spots if you won fight for those.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not the opponent doing the blowing up, it’s the game making them be blown up because they’re ‘out of the map’.

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I stand corrected than. Its really awful what Gaijin did to some maps. Instead of leaving some manouvering space they are determined to make all the maps as corridor maps.


Yea, it is a bit sad they resort to hammer tactics rather than smoothing it out and making some effort.

I’d be keen to collab with one of the actual map designers to actually make some decent changes, and implement some effort in some spots.

As yea, the ‘coded’ ‘you will die in 10 seconds’ nonsense makes it real hard to ‘explore’.

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This map change was the laziest I have seen to date. I’d be embarrassed making this.

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Or the Normandy change. I never went to hangar to spawncamp but to use scouting or to hide SPAA so I could prepare nasty surprise for planes/helis.

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Like I’ve told others complaining about this, the majority of spots removed were non-PTFO spots that just spawn sniped or abused traffic lanes and succeded not because of strategic value but because of the lack of knowledge regarding these very unintended areas.

I’d also like to add the random placement of the out of bound zone on Golden quarry, it remove any flanking, and it very arbitrary.

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Damn, I’m sure I seen you on the old forums with some actual ideas and concepts way back, and I reckon we should form a group to actually pass things through to the devs and those map makers who are obviously struggling.

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There’s better ways though than putting these coded auto-kill areas that actually fixate the players on the ‘one-way to play the map style’, which is actually bad. It makes people close minded, leaves them more vulnerable on maps that have those flanks and snipes spots because it negates them needing to watch out for it…

Which is why so many got flanked and spanked, and repeatedly spawnsniped because they break to all, compared to telling thier team that someone is somewhere other than demanding someone pay attention to thier spam pings, and team blaming…

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I hate to tell you but you can’t communicate with teammates in game using text chat. They simply don’t listen.

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I love to tell you, that I’ve just had 2 matches in a row where we have absolutely blown that statement to shreds…

I have only played those 2 today.

I’ve played ~100 games past week probably. I have experienced very few games where I noticed my team making use of my callouts/radio commands/text messages.

There are some spots one some maps that are definitely “this is overpowered/unbalanced and should be made impossible to use”

But there are plenty of other spots where it adds variety and creativity to the map and isnt overpowered, because maybe the other spawn has a similar spot somewhere else.

Its a case by case basis IMO. Most of the changes they made this patch were pretty bad for map design or variety, with only a couple being good for gameplay.

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Be the change you want to be… I often call my moves out to people, and even if they don’t respond I find they do show they are listening… You’ve just got to be open to it and looking for it.