If the OTOMATIC is 11.3 then why isn't the ZA-35 11.7?

Why is only Italy forced to suffer for their SPAA being better at killing ground than air, why does Britain get death bus


I dont think you can compare an OTOMATIC with a ZA-35 my guy… 😭


Can compare the Otomatic and the 2s38 though…


The OTOMATIC can be devastating as a tank destroyer at 11.3, it is useless as a SPAAG against helicopters out of its range, but in the end it is clearly superior to the ZA-35, what you are saying is exaggerated.

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It has 12 rounds of APFSDS. How devastating can it be for tank destroying?

Those 12 well-aimed shots can be at least 6 kills which for a SPAAG at that BR is a lot of stuff.

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Then 2S38, which can choose countless APFSDS and has high-definition thermal imaging, can definitely destroy everyone on the opposite side.

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What does this have to do with the topic?

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The Otomatic should be 10.3 or 10.7.

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What would it change?

Apparently Woe was comparing 2S38 to OTO above。

He’s also off topic, I replied to the topic, Woe replied to me.

76mm APFSDS is not getting a kill every 2 shots. Do not sit here and over-value the Otomatic

You can’t figure out what downtiering a vehicle would change?

I didn’t write that you always get 6 kills with 12 shots, I wrote that it can too.

The likelyhood of that happening is nill. 12 76mm APFSDS is not enough to be effective for anything other than defending yourself against 1-2 tanks

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Explain to me what problems do you have when you play with OTOMATIC?

I don’t have the OTOMATIC yet, but I’m going off both what other people ( not randoms, experienced players) and what my experiecne is with similar performing guns such as the HSTV-L (which also uses a 76mm APFSDS gun… but with ~28 shots or so. Can still fail to kill a tank in 7-10 shots sometimes.)

You have to play with the vehicles before making a judgment, other people’s judgments can confuse you.
I haven’t played with the HSTV-L so I can’t compare with the OTO even though they seem to have the same gun.

Sorry but I don’t. I’m not making bold claims. I do not subscribe to this silly argument that you MUST play the vehicle instead of just listening to great players who HAVE played it talk about it AND have relevant experience in similar vehicles.