If the OTOMATIC is 11.3 then why isn't the ZA-35 11.7?

OTOMATIC should not be at 11.3 if the 2S38 is going to continue to sit at 10.0 with its IRST Air Tracking proximity shells and APFSDS which it can carry 100+ of.


You are free to believe whoever you want, and not believe yourself.

The OTO should not be higher than the 2S38, the fact that it is, is complete nonsense.

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This is 100% correct. But russian vehicles are never balanced.

The Otonatic is sad SPAAG. Limited 12 rounds of APFSDS that sometimes youbget lucky and kill guy in 2 shot but sometimes you shot minimum of half of them and still not kill anything. What also makes it horrible is the slow reload of 1st stage ammo which is 1 shell per 11s. Wrongly modeled gun breach with autoloader. Its useless against CAS. Barely good against long distance helicopters and strike drones. Shooting at jet ot pointless unlees its flying low qmd slow. Of course there is the totally useless SAPHE shell that you never use. They cant pen MBTs from side and against other SPAAs, rhe HE-VT is enought

In my opinion they should remove the APFSDS limiter and buff the 1st stage ammo reload. Then it would be little bit more playable.

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Sure, OTOMATIC has a search radar, larger proximity round with a higher burst mass, and a dart that pens far more.
We can give OTOMATIC scouting if you want, either way it’s rather superior to 2S38.

lol Just lol
Imagine pushing for Italian bias.

OTO would be fine at 11.0 tho.

Yeah, a whopping 12 rounds of ammo, an enormous vehicle, nowhere near the same survivability, none of the light armor meta, no drones, no artillery, no fuel tanks that absorb everything.
2S38 only slightly worse as SPAA BUT IT’S NOT EVEN AN SPAA, at least not in game, it’s an insane ground vehicle that as a bonus feature is an OTO at a way lower BR.

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I feel like this is the only point you use these forums for.

When it no longer becomes true, it will no longer be a glaring issue. Just look at the game reviews for the truth.

Nothing would change, you always have to wear it with 11.3, since for obvious reasons it can’t go down to 10.0/10.3, it can stay at 11.3

Otomatic is sometimes good other times it isnt

Otomatic is nice when there are no teammates with SAMs and enemy doesn’t do high altitude bombing