If a moderator closes a thread for duplicate, they should link the other thread to not create busywork

[Edit, since you guys keep making accusations/poitns/having a discussion but don’t allow discussion back]: There is no sub forum for matchmaking topics. There is no sub forum for “Things equally relevant to AB, RB, and SB” such as various topics about uptiers common to all three (other than General Discussion). So no, the issue is not that people do “not care” nor ignorance nor laziness, by not managing to find a subforum that does not exist in the first place.

Also yes, I did actually search for half an hour for a relevant thread, too. That was not hyperbole. I never found a pre-existing thread for this example. I asked 2 different moderators for one, as well, and they couldn’t find one either, in PMs.

So at the end of the day, the guy’s thread was locked because he didn’t put it in a non-existent better fitting sub forum, and he didn’t continue a non-existent prior thread. “You lazy player, you didn’t discuss this in the right place!” “Okay, where is the right place?” “I dunno”

In order for a moderator to lock a thread for “Not continuing the existing thread on this topic”, they logically must already know of and be thinking of a specific existing thread on the topic. Otherwise of course it wouldn’t make any sense to say to “use the existing thread” if one didn’t even exist and if you don’t know if one exists. Those would become impossible instructions.

So since you already are aware of the thread you’re thinking of, why not just copy/paste the link to it in 2 seconds, while locking the other thread? It doesn’t take you any extra work, because you already must know about it, there wouldn’t be any time spent searching.

But it does save the users of the forum a huge amount of work hunting around for the mysterious “other thread” for half an hour to post there, when you already knew which one it was all along.

This would be a lot more helpful to discussion at almost no cost.

(This was inspired by https://forum.warthunder.com/t/why-are-moderators-closing-so-many-discussions-down-without-warning/112209/12 but it’s not about that one thing, and also you locked it so I couldn’t write it there. And this is not a question, it’s a suggestion of policy of general interest.)


In this example they did give a reason, though. The reason was “Please continue in the existing thread on this topic” which leads me to this suggestion here.

Given that there is a reason, and it’s that one, it would be much more efficient to take a second or two to link to the already-identified alluded to thread while locking.


On the old forum (and other game forums) mods are able to move posts to and from different categories. I haven’t seen any of that happening here, so I wonder if it’s a software limitation, or them choosing not to move the threads.

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Like the rest of us, they are probably unable to find anything in this forum. Both overview and a working search are conspicuous by their absence. 😉

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It’s good practice in general and a lot more polite and constructive to give people the benefit of the doubt that they are not being dishonest, only until/if they rule out all other possibilities.

In this case, there remains another plausible possibility that they are rushing way too fast, and they do know of a thread, but just didn’t take the tiny amount of time to paste it in. That’s being honest, but just not very helpful, and would be easy to improve. if they refuse to do that and have no particularly sensible reason why not, then that leads us to the other possibilities.

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Well said ,just a bit of courteousy from those who are supposed to promote it. I was not messing about ,trying to undermine or create chaos .

In fact it was a topic that offered no view or side and encouraged people form both sides to speak freely with no input form me as the topic creator other than thanks for participating.

I would like to know where my topic existed already as I checked it was not a duplicate(both times).You all know we can do that right?

I still stand by my claims.I also messaged and got no answer.
If a head moderator wants to be nasty and pedantic there is nothing we can do I guess but why not just remove me if I am that offensive.I would rather the honesty,its a only a game forum after all yet it is also a very nasty one over all.

We have so many of the same topics on here constantly and you can all see that.We certainly dont have just one thread on one subject otherwise we would only have about 5 topics.
It’s pure repetition because the issues are all similar but just like the abusive trolls ,some are allowed to continue forever while some people are targeted by Admin.

Flagging has also turned this forum into a laughing stock but that is another topic.

If you have a suggestion for Forum Moderators, then please send a PM: Who is who and Reporting Procedure

Making a whole separate topic after you have already seen and read the response to the previous one is not required.


Please read forum rules before you create new thread on our forum. Not checking rules after joining forum is basic problem for all, who complain on “my threads was locked, mod abuse”. They simply break the rules.
Ignorantia legis non excusat
If new forum user have any issue with rules, in majority of case nothing wrong will happen* - moderator will move his thread to proper section or guide him what he should do.
Problem starts with people who are here since months and simply deciede to do not care on any rules. In their opinion, moderator should clean after them, fix all issues with their thread and that’s all. Such people open new thread in random section, not becuase they do not know what to do. They open it there, because they do not care, at the end of the day, moderator should move the thread like a good butler.
Search function on this forum works superb compared to old one. You can type word or two and you will find what you are searching for. I do not know how you can spend “half an hour” in search.
We have thousands of users and only bunch of moderators. Their job here is to moderate discussion and helping players who are lost. Not babysitting people who decided to act like there are no rules.

*there are exception - some people join our forum simply to insult other players/nations and got punishment straight away.