what do i do if like 10 people spam report me and they are false reports am i gonna get banned?

You most likely will be fine, stuff like this usually get reviewed thoroughly (I hope).

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i hope it went up to 10 i just said popcorn

Nothing really happens,

A friend of mine got 3 report pop ups and still fine, I think he’s paying Gaijin’s employee salary.

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im not but i did pay the snail today as a sacrifice

Nothing will happen. Those reporting, if they are spamming reports, may get in trouble though

@Schindibee A senior game master explained this a while ago in another thread. Should have a read through:

If in doubt though, contact a Game Master via a Direct Message:

I’ve had this dozens of times nothig happens if people mass report you. As long as you didn’t do anything majorly wrong and you’re just a victim of report spamming you won’t face any consequences.

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thank you so much

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The pop up really tells you how many times you got reported, not whether those reports are valid or not. And as @Morvran has quoted me, we strictly punish only if the chatlog DOES contain a provable offense.

Spamming senseless reports will only get the report spammer silenced, as this is also a punishable offense as it binds unnecessary resources to process those invalid reports.

It’s still ok and encouraged to send a report even if you’re not sure if what the other guy wrote was against the rules, and we will sort this out, no problem. (after all it’s only about 10% of all reports we process that are valid and indeed show a punishable offense, the rest are simply rejected.

Where we draw the line of course is if players repeatedly send useless reports, sometimes several about the same issue in the same match, or simply just spam reports with the misguided idea that the more reports one gets, the more likely he’s punished. Those report spammers of course get punished.


Damn that’s good to know you actually punish report abuse. Sadly most games don’t.

I know.

My son was punished already twice on his console because a troll reported him. I saw the chat in question, he did nothing wrong. Tried to get through to them, their game master wouldn’t even disclose why he was banned, just “well, you need to follow the rules”.