Idea to make the game more noob-friendly

What new players particularly have a difficulty finding out on their own, because none really tells them, is what are the playable tanks and BRs.
It’s no secret that some tanks are simply garbage while others are “meta”, and there are lineups that really should not be taken to battle because of a spam at a certain BR, usually when a new vehicle becomes meta or after some premium sale.

So I think Gaijin should just periodically release a list of the playable BRs for every nation, and their best vehicles, and provide some form of RP and SL discount for getting them.

Gaijin will never do this, as the game tries to make you buy stuff by frustrating you.

Also, if the noobs would play the game instead of buying their way to 11.0 or higher after 3 matches, they would figure it out on their own.

Alternatively, use the relatively new site, there you can name your problem and find solutions for it.


I think if players knew there’s a good tank or lineup a bit closer to them, they’d stop thinking the best is at the very top. Or at least fewer would think so.
It’s natural to go up in BRs and it’s accompanied by the understanding that if you’re at the very top, you can’t experience uptiers - something that many games have.

Naturally I try to grind each nation to the top, and I’ll start China soon, but if I’ll see people telling me it’s really good at lower BRs, then I might linger there a bit more.

Basic tutorials, updated controls, a better UI… the game explains close to nothing to players.


Maybe players should be interested in it themselves and not always get everything on a silver platter? That used to be the appeal of games… you had to use your brain and learn if you wanted to get better.
I’m all for explaining the basics of the game better, but players can also learn certain things by trying them out themselves.


It’s not normal for a game to have so much of its content unplayable or just intentionally frustrating to play.

The game can also just explain things instead of people having to go out of their way to figure it out, this isn’t the Zelda water temple.

This legitimately goes against gaijins entire business model, why would you think they would do that. Seeing as you are fairly new/been around a bit, to the game, this game throws a hard learning curve and is like no other games out there. You have to know yourself, and your opponent even better, know your strengths and their weaknesses, that’s the only way you win in this game, it’s a very “fight or flight” experience, you either learn it and continue, or you just don’t care, and either stop, or continue to be bad at the game.

I don’t want to deny that WT doesn’t have serious problems in some areas.
For example, Toptier is nothing to me. I feel the problems there are the biggest. And yet a large proportion of players strive to get there …
Which part is the most ‘unplayable’ for you?

Certain BR ranges, depending on nation.

New players buy vehicles of nations they want, aka Abrams/leopards, a10, t80. Then you have the players that want to play their nations, Japaneses playing Japan, British playing uk even if sucks, etc.
Players that want Poland or Yugoslavia ( or whatever) will play their respective nations not matter the meta

Because no-one actually looks to help new players or actually talk to them?

True. And that’s the same for me, mostly. But even when looking at individual nations, they have their own “good” vehicles, be it due to objectively good performance, or having solid lineups that are matched fairly (not too many uptiers).

I just took a break from grinding Israel. Only have a few vehicles left. In ground, the only viable lineups I found are 7.7, 8.0, and 11.0. Meanwhile premiums that new players will be more inclined to buy are 9.0 and 9.7, arguably the worst BRs for Israel.
A new player might think it has the whole tree to play but he doesn’t know that through most of it he’ll be matched objectively unfairly.

Additionally a new player might be inclined the 11.0 premium Ra’am Sagol. Since Israel’s 11.0 is strong right now, they’ll have some fun. But will they know that this could change drastically in the next update?

The game teaches you the “basics” so from there its all a learning experience. There’s dozens of War Thunder videos that try and teach you in depth stuff about the game and I will link those at the bottom. The game also now has tutorials for stuff like AGMs, Radar missiles etc by just hovering over the modification in your vehicles mod menu.

Heres a list of Air tutorials/explanations by Defyn

For tankers a guide from MYSH

Naval players are gonna have to help you themselves as I don’t play Naval much.


That’s really not the point of this post - rather it’s about warning players against using disadvantaged vehicles and BRs.

People want to play those vehicles though, perhaps either because they enjoy them or want the modification RP bonus from getting its modules.

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Thing is, videos are just needing you to be out of the game watching, or using PIP and watching them whilst in the game.

Many of those who I’ve shown the ropes, have been easily engaged with by actually just squading with them, which is why I’m waiting for the new squad setup that didn’t come last patch.

Everybody learns in different ways, some people are “learn by doing” and some are “led by example”. At least there’s people out there wanting to teach new players how to play.

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There are, but it becomes increasingly difficult when you are of that mindset, and you get shouted down at whenever you’re in chat giving out advice…

I’ve given up on giving any advice out because it was commonly causing arguments where I’d be told by moderators to take the argument to PMs… Meanwhile the noob would be lost to the subsequent spam.

Excuse me, what do you mean by some tanks are “meta”. I’m 33 years old and already too old to understand the modern gamer slang, despite spending my entire day online.

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