Idea to make the game more noob-friendly

It basically just means tanks that are the best performers for their area of the game.

Now I understand why Ubisoft games are so popular…

I would like aimbot and wallhack for new players, lmao. Or just let the game play itself and you will shoot with one button when yo uare told to.

Let’s not kid ourselves by thinking the entire game is grindable. People usually settle for just one nation, maybe 2-3 at best, and may also often choose to go only ground or only air.

If Gaijin was transparent about what lineups and vehicles are viable and others are secret food, people would be able to make smarter decisions.
For example my decision to grind Germany is the direct result of people saying that many American vehicles or lineups are non-viable, while Germany is more well rounded. I eventually played both nations and came to the same conclusion.

Not with that mindset it isn’t, there’s a difference between a player who plays to grind and a player who just has fun. Sure you can publicly post which line ups are hot sauce right now but all you are gonna do is invite inexperienced players to throw matches. Just because you can make information available doesn’t mean its going to magically fix a never ending problem.


Imagine getting home tired from work, wanting to play 2 or 3 matches in game you liked for a years. You finally grinded out your first modern jets. Now sit down and watch 40mins explanation video of some youtuber telling you how to use radar and what keybinds you must assign or keep getting clapped and frustrated, because some gaijin employees couldn;t be bothered enough to make a simple tutorial

Like, you know, not everyone is a kid with tons of free time to watch youtubers explaining game mechanics.

Game mechanics SHOULD be explained in GAME

If you quote me, I would ask you to quote me in full. Because some might think that I don’t care.
But it’s not like that …

I’m all for explaining the basics of the game better, …

And the basics include all the things I can use in the game. Many of them are not sufficiently explained in the game. That needs to change.
But the OP is asking about something completely different … not the basics.

These are things for me (this does not necessarily apply to you) that belong in the area that a player is allowed to acquire himself.

I also managed to look after two dogs, a wife, shopping and learnt about various DCS modules while working a 45-hour job. On top of that, I moved to another country and started from scratch. I learnt new things again and also got to grips with WT. It’s all a question of mindset.

No, cuz i only adress the thing i quoted

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What a waste of time …