Ice disappering on seversk-13

I was driving on the ice on seversk-13 and it disappeared. here’s a video I took from the replay:

That’s interesting, did you eventually die from falling below the waterline, or did you just keep on trucking?

I stayed in there until the end of the game. I had a 400% booster on so that got a bit wasted

Dang, that definitely should’ve got you.

I was thinking it could be your weight on the ice, and it ‘breaking’ if anything, such as the Finland map when it was added, and Poland (Winter).

Maybe this map just hasn’t got the water level set or something of that sort.

Global warming, amirite? But jokes aside, wow that’s an odd glitch!


Youve become subarine, you should cherish it


Was just playing and the ice just vanishes. I think my smoke shell for my arty hit it and pooof, all the ice was gone down the entire river

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