IAS in Mach


is it possible to set IAS in Mach number?
Comes in handy when playing supersonic jets.

Go use WTRTI software, gaijin allows you to use it, and it has all the information about the plane. I mean, all the information. from AoA to pitch angle, from how much fuel you burn per minute to engine rpm, from the acceleration ratio to critical flaps speed and so on.

you can set the Mach on the screen. The good side of this software is it is showing up on the display only if you are in a plane. so no problem on overlay.

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Thank you for that info.

this thread was helpful but doesn’t it show you the MACH automatically when it becomes relevant? It shows me…

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When it comes to jets, I’m used to Mach number.
Don’t even remember what was the KIAS for particular flight regimes…only Mach.

What Mach do you land at?