I wonder if we will see other Draken versions in Swedish Air TT

Im happy (and still hope) that Gripen will be added in next update (hopefully it will not be butchered) But before that there are still some gaps that could be nicely filled with later Swedish version of Draken and even the Finnish Drakens. And maybe even a Danish F35 Draken that has a CAS capabilities which would help a lot in high tier as AJ37 and AJS37 Viggens are not CAS jets, they aren’t even decent.

So Gaijin? When more Drakens?


I’d hope to see the F35 at the mid-BR’s as well as the J35J as a gap-filler between the J35D and JA37C


The danish draken would be really nice to swedish tech tree, if im not mistaken the danish draken has flares because i read it in the wt old forum about it, which is quite nice since in the tech tree the drakens got no flares (except j35XS)

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Nor only flares. also RWR and i would say the best part…bombs and missiles…so it would be a amazing CAS option for like 10.3 insted of trash AJS

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