I will never grind another Air event again

I hope you got what you wanted, Gaijin. I will never grind another air event as long as I live. Minimum 8 steps 40k per 2 days in Air battles which are so horrendously unfun at various stages that haven’t been updated for a decade. Shame on you.


I agree. But they made it so that you only have to do 8 tasks to get the vehicle (unless you’re going for the upgraded coupon), so least you can get some second chances if you dont meet the task requirements.

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Huh? No, regardless. I am never doing this again.

There is a fast way which playing high tier you get multiplier but still i agree that 40K are too much


Then they shouldn’t have dangled the carrot for lower tiers.

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yeah, for people with lower tier it takes a lot more time something that shouldn’t have


F-111 + mighty mouse = 40minute in SB per each step.

Yeah sure ok. Who has a setup to play simulator?
You also can’t pick up top tier jets in 2 days. There is too much info and stuff to learn.


Event is, as most are, unnecessarily grindy and long.
Cherry on top are dying servers with insane random packet losses and community who is even more frustrated and desperate then usual. People actually do complain and contemplate the meaning of life and “why am I doing this” in the chat.

But in a way it’s the self solving problem. If you do not enjoy playing Air RB, why would you even need a plane? : )

And if you plan to sell /speculate /earn something, in 3 weeks and similar hours invested, you can earn best high tier pack in the game easily, whatever you do (in most of the world)

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It’s your problem Gaijin dangled the carrot.

There are two different games. Arcade has been abandoned for years. This jet should not have been offered unless you have that tier unlocked or at least tier 5.

There is an opposing view that ppl that have no jets (or don’t plan to unlock FRA TT) will have the opportunity to fly the mighty dorito.
Imagine if you play FRA tanks and have zero planes to support your ground RB. This is actually a good thing.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. All your references have no meaning to me.

The air part doesnt take very long to do. If you already have an event vehicle that is even rank 1 you can go kill noobies to get the points you need. The multiplier is better at top tier and i do have fun shooting people in my f-14.

With that being said, i do understand the frustration of grinding. Not everyone likes to grind things out and you can always go to the market place after to get the vehicle. I dont do a lot of event vehicles but i am doing the air and ground one since they seem like fun vehicles to use. Always play the game that makes it the most fun for you, because thats all that really matters in the end.

You must be joking. It’s takes multiple hours a day.

yea like an hour and a half in rb or 40 min in sim. so really not that long. depending on the plane used.

Yeah try doing it in tier 3 and 4 in Arcade. It sucks.

I don’t get a set up I only use a mouse and keyboard. It’s called relative controls. So uh missing the point buddy.

It’s not that simple.

Who is to blame? My bad English? Your education? Ma alcohol? Pills? Intelligence? Universe entropy? New year evening? Phrases? Diction? Lack of emojis? Please tell, what is the issue? (Or don’t. Yea, maybe we should nip this ion the bud)


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