I think the ki-148 I-Go has a bug or something. Am i crazy?

I was able to get to the sky but i only got 1 kill and started a fire on a Hood (2.turret)(i hit the hood 4 times, the first one started the fire) .
I managed to hit at least 4-5 ships several times
including Emile Bertin (0mm armor) how recived several missile and still floated.

Can any one help?

Aim missile to hit:

→ In front of first Turret, with a straight dive angle.
= detonating ammo racks

→ from the sides, aim for as low as possible near the water under the funnels, or the back of anyship (last Turret)
= likely to drown them fast, or hit crew severly.

→ all 30-60° dive angle is to be avoided, less penetration.

I aimd all to the ammo racks
My aim was not of.

If you hit the Emile front any where under the turet it sould be dead because it dosen’t have any armor and i naild it more then 4 times in the right place.

Can you review that game and try to screenshot where you’ve hit those?

Cant ps account

Well then i’ll try to see if i can test try some.

Manually guided AGM’s (as this one), are hard to hit from current Aircraft PoV


Ok this is the replay i think

what is your in-game name, so that i can focus?


oh ok,… because that one have been made in some event battle? it is pretty long

Yes enduring naval

can you precise when did you entere battle? like maybe how much points both team were having left?

because there is 246 parts of Replays,…

It was near the end when i started flying in the last 30 min

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I know it is bad sistem

yeah currently pretty bad,… i didn’t even been able to watch downloaded parts,…

i’ll try the test flight thingy instead.

After 4 hits that should have at least explode on the ships, the missile is definetly bugged.

@Smin1080p , can you found someone to look that up?

What kind of ship did you hit?

in test mode, there is 2 Cruisers from japan, and what happends looked like the missile was going through as a phantom would do.

done it with several angles and area of recieving ends,…

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Ok i have a new replay
It looks like there is no explosion damage only the heat is damageing the ship