I think new nuclear bomb planes are needed

NATO should use the F16 or F15 as a new top-of-the-line nuclear bomb aircraft
The Warsaw Pact was supposed to use either the MiG-29 or the MiG-23 as the new top-of-the-line nuclear bomb machine


I don’t think any of those planes can carry Strategic nukes IRL.
They can carry Tactical nuclear ordinance but that is not what we have in game.

The f16 and f15 can carry tactical nuclear weapons of the B61 type
The United States provides 150~190 B61s to NATO allies through the common nuclear weapons program


Gaijn should simply add a nuke-bombable version of the SR-71 to each side, at least that’s the only part of the game where the plane can appear.

You learn something new every day :) thanks for the info!

But i think giving the nuke to a to agile aircraft with chaff and flares runs the risk of it being way to hard to stop a nuke once its on its way. it should still be possible to stop it as it is now.

The SR-71 is a reconnaissance aircraft and does not have a weapon pylon

But now there are no thermal decoys for nuclear aircraft, and any aircraft equipped with omnidirectional missiles can intercept it. It’s not fair to people who have nuclear bomb planes

yes and no.
a nuke should not be an automatic win in my personal opinion. there should still be a chance of shooting it down. Giving the nuke to a Mig-29 or a F-16 will make it way to hard to kill in the short amount of time it takes them to get to the field.

However, if they ever introduce BR 13+ for both ground and air then i would perhaps like to see a better aircraft for nukes to reflect the otherwise better vehicles in that BR.


For italy i believe an F104S would fit very well, it was designed to carey any type of unguided bombs, even nuclear, despite the fact that italy didn’t own any, because of pacts and shi.

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The Tornado and Starfighter can carry them, too.

I would recommend adding actual strategic bombers instead of adding nukes to F-15/F-16s.

Strategic bombers have a very weak fighting chance against the enemy and their huge weight makes it slow to take off and anyone who needs a nuclear bomb to reverse it is very annoying

But now nuclear weapons are too backward, I do not deny that nuclear weapons can win, but the conditions for unlocking nuclear weapons are very strict, you need to kill at least 10 players before you have a chance to get out, but you are killed by a player who is not as good as you, you must be very angry. I got shot down four times in 24 hours before I posted this

then you are playing the nuke wrong. when i get close to getting a nuke i start looking towards the sky and try to shoot down planes as soon as possible before even spawning the nuke, and then you have to sneak a bit and not fly straight at the field and to high.
instead fly a bit of a detour and VERY low to the ground to hide from radars and being seen.

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All I care is that we get some with flares…

You think I don’t want to? I’ve done everything you say and they’re trying to kill me even in a suicide attack

Absolutely, though not F-16 or F-15. Strike/bomber aircraft would be better. For example, the Su-24M and FB-111A for 12.0+, or Tornado IDS and Su-17 for 11.0+

This is 1/10th the grade of that found in-game.

Not from the numbers I saw.
But I might have misread.

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