I think it would be nice to add an artillery system and large maps

Indeed, I think the addition of artillery would be good for the gameplay. Especially thanks to the addition of drones, it would make artillery very interesting. Also, with all the artillery vehicles that war thunder has, it would be nice to make them useful as artillery but also to be able to play them how to now and also with the option with artillery.

This means that you can choose the artillery option before spawning or without the artillery option (i.e. as now). I would like to point out for those who will talk to me about spawn kill, that it is very easy to fix it like (artillery functions 2 minutes after the start of the match or re make a specific spawn or artillery shells that will be ineffective in an area).

I’d also like to give you an idea of a mode where there is a huge map with objectives (like escorting a group of bots) but also it would make the drone interesting (for reconnaissance and the use of artillery).

I think it would be nice if Gajin didn’t stay a video game company that thinks it makes money and gives us all the time vehicles or planes to look for with each update. Without trying a new way

I’m not saying I don’t like gajin but staying on the same gameplay for more than 3 years gets annoying.


An artillery system with War Thunder’s physics would be highly impractical and incredibly difficult to work with and would basically result in one class of vehicles becoming practically useless on the field in said arty configuration.
The vehicles are better off as they are currently.


Completely agree

Hello, I’d like to know if you are possibly part of the development team where you are a normal person who flaunts his science. Because the use of artillery would be possible, especially since there is already a system for dropping shells. I don’t really understand how the physics of War Thunder would be a factor in changing it! And if you had read my comment in full, you’d be able to choose before spawning the option of the vehicle you want to have, so either artillery option or without artillery (like now).
And tried to get a better translator!

For your part you may try to not immediately result to personal attacks, so much for criticizing what I said…

One does not need to be a developer to know how the game works. I have played the game for nearly a decade and I can quite safely say that I have a fair understanding of how the game works.

I never said the system would be impossible to implement. I simply stated it would be impractical.
Shell drop would require a ton of getting used to for the firing player’s part (with honestly no way of measuring the distance from the arty to the target, then the shell would have to travel quite a long time in order to 90% or more of the time miss without doing any damage, since the HE shells in this game aren’t powerful enough to destroy armored targets (which the vast majority of the opposition will be).
So much for blaming me that I didn’t read your whole comment…

And again, I specifically stated that the arty mode you suggest would be useless for the aforementioned reasons, not that arty vehicles as a whole class would be.
So I repeat; so much for blaming me that I didn’t read your whole comment.

If you wish to act the smartass and tell me how to argue then I recommend you make sure that what you say yourself in your response is correct.
Perhaps get a better translator yourself rather than fighting ghosts of your own making.

You know it’s not in reality and that if gajin really wants to, he could do it without any problem and make the changes in the game. They can easily change the values of the artillery shell and then be able to use it as a shell also for the distance part. It is easy to add the distance or to be able to use the telemetry. But indeed, it will not be easy to hit the target from the first shell but as said before you can choose between artillery option or without the artillery option (so as currently) if you find the artillery too complicated to play. Artillery for you will only be a fun option so I don’t see why it shouldn’t do it! They can COMPLETELY do it!

There are so many ways to make it work but with your defeatist attitude, that’s how War Thunder hasn’t evolved in gameplay for over 5 years.

So you can say that if you want to stay in the same gameplay until the end of the game.
I have a wonderful video for you (which represents your attitude, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQhvEcGILSY ).

All I want is an improvement in the gameplay because as said before, we have had the same gameplay since almost the beginning of the game!

If you have no intentions beyond insulting those that are having a fair discussion with you then I have no interests in talking.

Have fun at whatever party you’re invited to.

+1. War Thunder’s gameplay is pure monotony right now, and I deeply believe a rework is desperately needed. I also don’t like to have vehicles that were designed to operate behind the frontline acting like normal tanks. Implementing an artillery system could be tricky, but I bet Gaijin could definitely achieve it.

Dude, I’ve never insulted you, if you’re too touchy it’s not my fault and the only possible insult I’ve said to you is that I asked you to have a better translator!

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Yes indeed, I also think that gajin should do an overhaul of the war thunder gameplay with or without artillery.

Especially the addition of mod would be nice (as said previously in my post) because doing the same thing for years becomes boring (like realistic battle or arcade!)

How would you even know where you are hitting? You would be hitting stuff 10km+ out and you will not have a line of sight.

Again, I have no interest in speaking if your only intention is to be demeaning.


We have pings and gajin could very easily implement a system designed for artillery as hideouts on the map (but I think the ping would be pretty good and also for the top tier they owned drones).

And how would you know the range? Unless you want something to tell you the range?

You know that there is already a distance system implemented in the viewfinder and it could be changed by gajin for more reasonable distances. I don’t know if you know squad but the mortars in this game is a good representation of what gajin could do (in therme of aesthetics)

I have never played squad so i wouldnt know about that. Range finder requires you to see the target. The only way you could get range would be if they changed it so that scouting a tank gave you the range.

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look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOKY7dVPehQ

We do have naval blue water. No drones but there are scout aircraft (on select ships), large maps, long range engagements. Artillery with style. Not for the impatient.