I think it would be nice to add an artillery system and large maps

Gaijin didnt think at all when it flooded the game with idirect fire artillery peices like the m109 because Gaijin never does think.It fills gaps short term then watches as the player base walk away.New players imagine that there is so much more to this game than there really is but its just a shoot em up for kids now.All you can do is play along until you get bored then move along. You will soon get bored trying to suggest improvements to game play.People like the one answered your question may seem rude but they are just you in ten years time.They long since gave up and go along with the flow now.Sad but true.

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You brought it on yourself. He has a valid suggestion and you just trolled him with hand waving in lieu of valid facts. If you are not one of the developers, sorry but he is right: you really don’t have any business making those statements.

I think he has a valid point, and others I have talked to agree that an artillery system would serve as a rock, paper, scissors balance against sniping and spawn camping. Now of course, if you are one of those type of bottom feeders who engage in that kind dirty playing, neo-cheating, unethical cheap exploits, then I can see why you would be against it.

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And in what way are my statements invalid?

Forums are a place to share viewpoints, so where is the surprise in voicing disagreements with reasoning as to why?
God forbid someone talks, they may bring someone misinterpreting their words onto themselves /s

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I respect your right to an opinion. I just don’t agree with it.

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Guy with 1,7k battles definitely knows the right way to develop the game

Btw, aren’t these maps big enough?




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Wish there were more … Seems like every map I get regardless of ‘like/dislike/ban’ is Aral Sea.


You don’t think so

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