I see our airfield defenders are still working wonderfully

Has anyone had a game yet where the defenders don’t crash and glitch out on the runway all match? It’s kind of ridiculous when such a blatant bug has existed for years now and it still hasn’t been patched.

I mean War Thunder gets updates almost daily with bug fixes and yet this still exists? Come on Gaijin fix your damn game or just remove the airfield defenders entirely.

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Waiting for a “it’s fixed” post that covers SimEC. It’s years over-due… 🤦‍♂️


Kikka´s landing gear… *cough…

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I’m pretty sure all the issues with AI are map specific, however, I don’t believe I’ve played a single game where at least one of the airfields had 2 AI with broken landing gear shaking around (starting their engines over and over) on the runway.

I almost always aim for the area they crash land when bombing the AF, because its usually a guaranteed extra kill or 2. Its kinda stupid actually, but to be honest. I doubt they actually see it as a priority.

Though that being said, has it been bug reported?

I have to correct myself:
Kikka´s landing gear works fine.
It has takeoff boosters that have to be fired, but after that everything works.

Free points for my x6 GBUs at 9.7-10.3

I had made a bug report about the problem of bots in sim but nothing change. I talked about the inversion of nation, the issues on the Afghanistan map and a few other things but Gaijin didn’t change anything

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Let’s be real, Sim playerbase is just to small to be of any importance.
We have obvious bugs for years now and no one on the other side cares about it.

If they are not willing to invest in SIM, I’m not willing to invest one more cent into them.
Plain and simple.