I need tips for how to play the F-16. I just can't get it down. I get destroyed every single time I try use it

Like the title says, does anyone know how to play the F-16AJ

Which model?

The Japanese one, AJ

If I’m not mistaken that gets the blk 10 flight model. If you don’t know how to use sparrows I suggest you drop them for 6 Aim-9L. Best tactic is to attack from the left, wait for your team to merge so enemies will get slower to fight. Good case scenario you will be able to sling missiles fast and maybe get a gunkill. Be wary when you climb, you become a target for radar missiles.

You should be able to out dogfight most planes if not all

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The F-16AJ is the same as the other F-16As. What I have found works is to stay low and around the edge of the furball. Do not dive into the center because you will die. Stay low and stay fast. Pop out from behind mountains, shoot a missile, and duck back down behind them. You’ll still die, but it’s a good way to play until you have the 6 AIM-9Ls or 4 AIM-9Ls and 2 AIM-7Fs.

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Stock grind so only 2x AIM-9P

Yeah I found that out, but since it compresses at speed that’s the only way I can slow down in time.

I end up getting destroyed by unflareable missiles and Deltas that can just whip around like nothing.

TY for the help I’ll see if just being support works. But I was told it can dogfight really well

It can dogfight incredibly well, but before you have the 6 AIM-9Ls, countermeasures modification, and some of the performance mods, you just don’t have the combat efficacy to afford a dogfight.

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Use napalm (4 per base). It’s a good way to spade planes fast. While the current f16 FM allows this, don’t go 1circle against deltas.

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With the Deltas, all I try to do is hit them in the merge, but they can just flick round and launch something like a Magic 2 from like 1.5 km which I have no chance against