I need tips and tricks for the Sea Harrier

As the title states, I need tips, because I am not good with this thing, despite how much I love it. Any help please?

I could also use some. For me it’s a struggle bus rn

I will pass what tips I can give, though its from someone who plays SB and not RB in the Sea Harrier.

Your greatest asset, is your ability to vector your thrust. You arent going to out turn anyone normally, nor out run most things, but you might be able to exploit your VIFF.

By VIFFing (Vector in forward flight) you can turn far harder than normal (briefly). Do note that this will kill your speed, but it might be enough to get a shot on the target. You can also nozzle down (about 30%) when at low speed to maintain control (take-off flaps can also help here too). If the target is below your reticle and you need to raise your nose slightly, again you can nozzle down to raise your nose.

A tactic I dont recommend except under extreme conditions, is to use your thrust vector to brake check someone who is behind you. Slam your nozzles all the way forward (to the breaking stop) and at the same time, complete a barrel roll. If the Target is not prepared for this, they should shoot out in front of you and might be able to get a Aim-9L off.

Something to be aware of though at this BR. F-5Cs are cold. Really really cold. They are actually colder than you, even when on reheat. This means they defeat your missiles easily and can be hard to lock. If you have a hard time fighting the F-5C spam, its not you, its them, they really need to fix that aircrafts engine temps. Especially when sat on reheat.

On that note, managing your engine temps is an annoying skill you need to have in the Sea Harrier, try and sit below 80% throttle when cruising, and only throttle when needed, you also have very limited WEP so try and conserve it

Probably your best tactic for ARB, is to avoid the initial furball and instead go for distracted targets, Shooting down on distracted targets with the Aim-9ls can be quite a potent tactic

So essentially just laying back for a bit, and then cleaning the scraps.

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Viffing guidelines said around 20-30 degrees for sustained turn, 60 for instantenous.

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Is it possible in the Harrier in War Thunder to suddenly stop and hover and allow a following fast jet to over fly you then hit it up the arse like they did in the Falklands War?

Yes, it is, done it plenty of times, but it’s a lot easier in the Gr7 though, harrier 1s can be a tad unstable in that tactic

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I think it’s throttle 60%, vector 100%, and air brakes to throw them off, don’t remember though, haven’t had a chance to test it either.

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Ive only done it on GR1 but it cant be that different from sea harrier.

That said dont try it outside of 1v1, while funny to slam an asraam into someone who was on your six just a minute ago, a hovering harrier is EXTREMELY easy target.

I love harrier dogfighting because you can be going like 100mph and they overturn, and you just nail em with the 30mm’s

Radar gunsight is going to make that so much easier in the Sea Harrier

Oh, it actually has radar gunsight?



HUD should also display current radar lock as well.

Cool, thanks

Hey, can you explain how to use the gun sight? Cant seem to figure it out

Oooh… It doesnt have one yet. It should have one though. Just waiting on that bug report to be actioned.

ahh, thanks

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Check the BR when or before you spawn, if its a downtier, (10.0-11.0, 9.7-10.7) I climb to space and drop 9Ls on people, if I survive i RTB and get bombs to bomb a base, then return to hunting the last few enemies. If its an uptier, (10.3-11.3, 10.7-11.7) where theres more radar missiles, I’ll stay low and flank, maybe bomb, and play as support with 9Ls.

This was for the squadron Sea Harrier FRS.1, if you have the tech tree Early, it’s likely more consistent in not getting hard uptiers due to being 10.3. If theres no 11.3s, spaceclimb.

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