I need help with the Abrams (M1KVt)

First things first I have had experience in top tier. I also have played the lower tiers so it is not that i’m inexperienced. With that out of the way I can not for the life of me figure out how to play the M1 Abram’s efficiency. I’m not rushing in and I place my shots pretty good but I can’t seem to be effect with it. How do I play it i’m have been in a pickle for over 3 months now and the grind has become unbearable with 1-3 kill games. Thank you in advance

TLDR: I have a skill issue with the M1 Abrams

The first thing to note is that playing low tiers does not mean you are ready for the M1 KVT. Top tier ground is an entirely diffrerent game to low tier ground.

Beyond that, could you please provide more information? I understand you aren’t rushing in, but what are you doing? Where are you trying to place your shots? In what ways are you consistently being killed?


Well i try to use my depression to an advantage so I try to find a hill and sit on that and try to get Russian tanks mostly but what ends up happening is they stop coming through that way I push up and I can’t seem to spot the enemies first or something and I just end up dying

it also seems that when I do hit my shots and places that should penetrate it doesn’t should i be angling my armor or something

first, got the expert crew for M1, its the admission ticket to play M1 well, then you need to use your speed advantage to attack from advantageous position(The place can sniping to enemy’s inevitable path) or engage in guerrilla warfare

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ok i’m crew level 138, but when I do try to push it seems like people just shrug off my shots and kill me

well, thats the problem of M1, you need to aim to the weak point to enemy, like under the front of the hull, the canno brench, the driver observation window of T series, the M774 wont let you shoot without brain

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I’m good with hitting the lower front plate but were should I shoot the T series tanks on the side.

it also seems like my armor does nothing compared to everyone else’s

yes, the side of T series is really weak, the auto loader make then easy to get ammunition explosion, or at least you can kill the crew in turret, the probability of the ammo turn black but dont explode is much less than explode’s

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Anymore advice on Increasing my survivability

yeah, the armor is not the advantage of M1s, your neck and lower front is easy to be penned, thats why you need to do a guerrilla warfare

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Ok I will try that next time I play

its useful for WT too


Should I buy the camo leaves for cover also that image is helpful

your adventage of shooting speed can better performance when you be a side attacker, and M1 is one of the fastest vehicles in 10.3, that means you can do better than others when you are in a 1vN fight (It is not recommended to do so)

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you can put them in front of you neck to deceiving them into shooting miss, but it’s just better than nothing

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Ok thank you so much

You are the best

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thx, and gl my friend