I need help to find out what the problem was

(First of all I want to warn you that I am writing this from a translator and that the images are in Spanish but if you have experience in the game you will know what you are referring to.)

Today I played a game with the “15cm slG 33 B Sfl” in BR 6.0 to ensure that if I passed a Downtier I would still have a chance of getting my “God Mode” award, but at the time of performing the 4 kills that are supposed to Give me this achievement, it hasn’t happened.

Cobra 5.7
Jumbo 5.7
M4A3 W 5.7
M-51 6.0


Rank and Battle Rating are completely different things, since the 15cm or sturmpanzer 2 is rank 1, you’ll want to destroy a rank 6 vehicle with it. For example a T-72

. P. S the jumbo is a rank 3 vehicle

It’s rank not br read it closely

I am not so sure about this…i recall someone saying it required a 5.0 or 5.3 BR edge…(depending on source)

Meaning a 6.0+ target if using a 1.0 vehicle.

I AM NOT SURE…just “hear say” :)

(Also saw a suggestion of using early planes and go hunt helicopters)


But the “M-51” is 6.0
and the “15cm slG 33 B Sfl” is 1.0

should he then not have gotten the god mode reward?

Not sure myself as i never got it. Just ONE kill needed?

I would try a 5.3 difference before going the 5 BRs layers…of course, if you can get a kill from rank 1 to rank 6 then it will also be more than 5.3BR anyway :)

Not a lot of info on this…pretty rare accomplishment :)


i highly doubt it rank based. i’ve used the T18B at BR 4.3 rank3 to get the achievement consistently for a SL gain when using a SL booster (god i loved that 90k SL for one kill when having a 300% SL booster on and when the godmode was still 30k reward.)
It being rank 3 and top rank being 7 before December 2022 there was only a 4 rank difference back then. and i still got it several times.

weird needing a 5.3 difference when the achievement says “5 or more BR ranks higher” and not “More than 5 higher”. The “or” there being important.

not that rare if you go for it and know what you are doing. i use the T18B in my top lineup for Air AB and get the achievement like 2-3 times a week.

is there a way to check how many times i have gotten specific achievements?