New God Mode bug?

so i was trying to get some money from God Modes and i thinked that taking the Ju87 B-2 to 6.7 would be a nice option but when i killed an IS-4M then (in another battle) an M48 patton i didnt get anything why?
i have seen YouTubers using a P26 and killing top tier AAs why cant i do it?

It counts air to air and ground to ground and boat to boat kills only i think for the achievement Probably done this way due to how relatively easy it is to bomb 6.0+ tanks in rank 1 bombers and how hard it is to kill 6.0+ tank in rank 1 tank.

I’ve gotten god mode by killing a jet with an AA in the past, so I’m not sure if it’s that simple.

oh ok, thanks

answer from report site moderator clearing stuff up