I miss customizable battle matchups

We need the ability to create custom battle matchups again. Why were they removed in the first place?

I’m sick of always having to vs the US. I want to be able to create smaller matchups like Ru vs Ger, Ger vs GB, Japan vs US, etc. Every matchup doesn’t have to be a jumbled mess of world vs world…

All Gaijin seems to do is take away from SimEC. If Gaijin spent the same amount of energy improving SimEC rather than hindering it and punishing its player-base, we’d probably have a world class game mode.

The freaking bots are treated better than the players… 🤬


also one of my biggest criticisms.
this was anti-abuse measure from August 2021. or I call it sim player punishment measure.

Was introduced at the same time as usefull action and the removal of SP.

this needs to be improved immediately.


Yep, ‘anti-abuse’ measure. Abusers would create rooms with the nation(s) they wanted to grind v Italy alone, as that would usually guarantee very limited opposition and a win for them. Quite handy when I was grinding Italy, although being on the losing side is v bad for rewards, so not all good.

Of course, most custom rooms were not set up for abuse, but why fix a problem when punishing everyone collectively is easier?


No way. Are they arcadifying SIM as well? Ahahahahahaha.
Same happened to AIR RB in the past 3 years. I mean look at it now. It’s literally Arcade 2.0.
They will gradually transform SIM to Arcade 3.0 xD
Gaijin, I…

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They’ve even ruined the no-reward ‘custom battles’, used to be able to set up half decent WWII (or whatever) air/ground battles using that - not any more!
It sometimes seems they don’t want us to actually just enjoy the game at all.

Where Air Sim is concerned I very rarely come out of the lowest tier and only play a couple of the line-ups.
Sad that they don’t seem to want to improve Sim…in fact quite the opposite.


I agree, everyone vs everyone is not balanced at all. I love playing lower tier with limited nations.

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