I made a pridiction on the USSR aviation tech tree

Those bombers are at high br is because they can fire cruiser missiles.


Su-24M is Mig-27K variety.
Yak-141 is 12.0 not 13.0.
Mig-29K would go after Yak-141 more than likely.
Mig-41 would be a higher BR than Su-57 as Su-57 isn’t a stealth aircraft.

My two cents.
Also I don’t see us getting rank 9 until gen 4.5, likely gen 5.

yak141can use r77 and r73, so it should go higher.
As for mig 41,this is a earlier version of planned mig41 so it is not that advance.

YAK-141 getting R-73 would make it 12.3.
It doesn’t need R-77 nor R-73.
It’s fine where it is.

As for Mig-41, it’s actually stealth.
I expect Su-57 to be closer to Rafale in BR having the same RCS and similar weapons.

Even with the KH-55 the Tu-95MS would have to cower at the very edge of any maps for even a slim chance of survival against the AIM barrage at its BR. Plus the missiles aren’t at all suitable for ground warfare against moving targets, not even the ones with optical terminal guidance. It’s simply not the game for standoff strategic weapons.

Better off including a basic Tu-95 Bear A and simply use it as dumb bomber. It would be an extension of the dead strategic bomber line a few BR slots after the Tu-4. And whilst there chuck in. Tu-85, Tu-16 and other types that predate the shift to missiles.

I modified it a bit.

su-33 should not be premium should be in naval line with yak 141 and mig 29k should be there aswell


The tech trees of the USSR were largely determined by their manufacturers, not by uses.

I’m sure that gaijin can find a proper target for those missiles.

Maybe one day there will be secondary targets besides pillboxes. If bombers and heavy attackers are to have a future they need more than just sideclimbing and diving in to the same base targets over and over and over again.

More variety and would help the grind at higher tiers as you could choose easier, albeit less rewarding targets and come out with at least some reward beside a collection of AIM fragments. Might also encourage less of the mass spawn rush and missile spam of fighters if they have to actually defend a wider area.


Buee fu-57 is nat stelf ugagaga
Без названия (1)

MiG-41 what you see, does not exist, it’s just beautiful concept art’s, made by RenderRock studio


Su-57 would definitely be lower than 16.0, considering the fact that it is at best reduced visibility.
As for the Su-75 it’s a pipe dream that will likely be just as bad as the Su-57.

The Felon could probably be fun if balanced right though.

We need su 47 not some jets we will maybe never see in game

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Sukhoi T-4?

I estimate it’s BR should be about the same as it’s flight level.

love it

Personally while I do have some ideas how things might go down in terms of future aircraft, stuff like the Yak-43 and Yak-201 are certainly two aircraft that certainly wouldn’t be added since they don’t even meet the minimum criteria of being added and not even to a point where Gaijin can make an exception of them without going fully against adding paper vehicles since neither left the drawing board (as far as I am aware). As it was already said before the aircraft that belong on that line are the Su-33 and Mig-29K since they would be consistent with the Yak-141 in being naval aircraft that actually exist, otherwise that line may as well be done for. As much as this is all predictions, I don’t think anyone needs to be a genius that anything that never even got past the drawing phase is a vehicle that will never be added.

Also as much as many want to see more post war bombers in the game, I still don’t think any of them will ever fit in the game and at that high of a br they would be guaranteed canon fodder outside of Sim size maps and even then I wouldn’t expect them to survive (especially the Tu-95), they still to me just feel too niche.

Don’t get me wrong, at least half of what is here doesn’t seem that far fetched, but their are some vehicles which don’t fit in the slightest because the fact they don’t make the criteria to be added to the game, and others don’t make sense where they are placed, or just don’t make any sense in adding. The main issues I see with this is:

  • The Su-33 and Mig-29K should be after the Yak-141 since the Yak-43 and Yak-201 fail the criteria to be added to the game i.e. existing beyond the drawing board or a wooden mockup, which means realistically without the Su-33 and Mig-29K the Yak-141 is a dead end now.
  • Mig-41 does not exist, therefore it is not something to speculate on it being added as we already can say the answer to that is.
  • At the moment you cannot add the Su-75 since it has only reached the wooden mockup stage and has yet to reach the point of flying prototype so as far as anyone should be concerned as of now it doesn’t meet the criteria of being added.
  • Can’t really add the Su-25TM since we sort of already have it in the form of the Su-39 plus doesn’t make perhaps the most sense now with the Su-25SM3.
  • TU-95 doesn’t make sense to add to the game especially at those Br’s, even if gaijin added them if having cruise missiles on them would require them to be a higher br they would not add them since they would be slow targets going up against far faster jets that would make them impossible to play. At the very least even in a prediction you should go under the assumption all vehicles will not get their best stuff because that’s how things are in the game.
  • Tu-22 and Tu-160 would fit better than the Tu-95, but would be very niche and very big targets that wouldn’t accomplish anything outside SIM battles which is not the most played game mode in the game, and even then the Tu-22 might be the only one to make sense given the role and weapons the Tu-160 has it would just be used by players like your average F-14 player uses Aim-54’s, at leas the Tu-160 can take something that isn’t missiles (this is not me saying it is therefore practical).
  • Probably wouldn’t add the base model Mig-25 since it would be a terrible vehicle to add to the game, best specify a particular variant instead.
  • Probably should throw in a premium Mig-29 into the list given the fact that we have started to see new top tier jet premiums starting with the F-20, its fair to say more such planes may follow soon and at the moment for the USSR air tree the most plausible top tier premiums they could get soon could either be a premium Mig-23-98 or a premium Mig-29 of sorts (though perhaps which one could vary given when whatever is to follow the Mig-23ML is added).
  • Also should probably add back the Mig-29-13 since it isn’t included in the list here (and because you still list the MLD in here), and it doesn’t make sense to group it with the Mig-29SMT (if that’s the idea here) like the Mig-23M and Mig-23MLD since it seems to big of a jump in br to justify keeping them together.

Granted still that’s all my criticism, but I would suggest you take my advice and filter everything in the list that has not reached even the prototype stage or has yet to reach the prototype stage since those are the sort of vehicles that gaijin will not add, and also best fix the whole thing with the Mig-29-13 not being here.

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Su-57 and AESA Rafale would probably be the same BR.
Similar RCS, R-74/MICA IR, etc.

idk why people compare these two… one of them is not even designed for stealth…
and its the izdeliye 760 (K/R-74M2).
rafale and Su-33 would be comparable BR (if not the same)

Neither of them were designed for stealth.

felon was