I like setting 7mms to Stealth and focus on 20mms with Tracer belt for a precise aiming on this Jap plane

Clip of me firing

It’s the third clip in this video - first two ones were to present that sounds with open canopy are cool and movie-like :D

Although I’ve learned this is very hated in the SIM community

About shooting:
7mms to Stealth because they don’t do anything and I don’t want them to obstruct/mislead me when firing. 20mm cannons to Tracers for precise aiming.

These Model 99’s 20mm Tracers are all HEF-Ts which is the best tracer type so it’s kinda a perfect situation - shooting explosives with every round.
It has a 50% of explosive mass compared to the normal HEF rounds - from an impressive 16g to the average 8g.

But I think it’s better to hit with 8g HEF-Ts than to miss with 16g + AP-I ones :D

Although, so far I only this set-up on the showcased J2M2.

Although, with Ki-100 Ive set normal Air Target/Universal belt because the 12mms present on it have a nice HEF round themselves and its 20mm tracers aren’t HEF-Ts at all.

And on Fw-190, well 20mms need to be Air Targets for Mineschlosse ammunition… but the version I fly I think had four 7mm german MGs… these feel pretty decent so it also has an Universal belt.

Ah, I use the mention setup on my 1.7 Morko Morane - Finnish 7mms weren’t doing anything so I set them to Stealth and its singular german 20mm Cannon have Air Targets. It improved my aiming because I focus on hitting with the cannon and 7mms are just an invisible bonus if they hit lmao.

Agreed, universal or tracer belts, same for British 20mm.

Do you use primary weapon selection by any chance?

I can choose to have cannons or mg on lmb OR both on lmb AND always have low calibre on rmb
At any point during the match.
I can choose to fire exactly what weapon i want and have any of them on lmb and at any time.