I haven't played War Thunder for a while, I would like to know if the bombs will continue to be nerfed like this:

Just one question:

Do these bizarre things continue to happen on Realistic Battles?

Yes. It is rather rare, happend to me 3 times since the start of the year, but still happens. You should be safe most of the time tho.


No its just a special case for the Rooshan Bias.

Overpressure was somewhat culled due to an overreaction about the Sturmtiger being added, which literally shoots a 500lb bomb.

With how uncommonly you see a Sturmtiger these days, I think it is overdue to revert that change to overpressure. The reason for it is mostly nonexistent anyways.

It still happens from time to time. It happens a lot in testing area too. I dropped about 30 fab 500 on the m4 that runs around and all i could get was the tracks damaged. same happens with the american test drive with the russian tank but normally thats two or three bombs. it will get fixed at some point.

if only those were actual nerfs… bombs should do Way less damage to tanks

That’s just an odd instance.
Happened to me when I was in my T26E5 a few weeks back.

And again, GBU 12, 117 Kg of tnt. Hitting the tank in practically a non-elastic collision.

The bomb has 277Kg, hiting the tank above mach 1. With just the kinetic energy of the bomb, this should turn the tank into a shapeless pile of Legos.

But in War Thunder, nothing…