I feel bad about this, an apology for a teamkill i realized i was in the wrong for

so this happened:


after repeated issues with wing snap on the SU27 and F15, Air RB gets frustrating, this match seemed normal, and i then thought this player, gamescat_2094, had rammed/flew under me and caused my wing to rip, as you see from the clip, this wasnt the case, as my wing had snapped in reality from a game issue, or possibly actual G overload

i saw him behind me, rage sprayed, then shot him with an R27ER, then left the match pretty angry

i rewatched the clip and i felt extremely bad, thats why im making this, intentional TKs suck, it sucked for him, and it now makes me feel bad.

sorry gamescat_2094, i hope you have a great rest of your day in AIR RB.



LMAO troll

the pot calling the kettle black


Have you tried not max elevator Mach 1.03 12+G barrel rolling at sea level?

Exactly what caused him to die. Don’t roll and pull at same time at these speeds

That’s cool of you to apologize.

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Thank you for sharing this with us.