I can't finish "Cannonade" challenge , please help

Hello , I have the cannonade challenge but can’t seem be able to do the Small Calibre one , it requires no less than 35 mm but less than 60mm fire armament . Since the challenges require rank 3 and above Ground Vehicles . I can’t seem to find which one I should use .

Anyone with more knowledge on the vehicles and that has done the challenge willing to help me out , I would really appreciate it .

Thanks everyone

I just looked at your acc and i would just be an AA in your veak 40 until you complete it


Oh no … I hope my stats didn’t make you die inside 🫣

Literally any Rank3+ AA works. The task doesn’t require destroying tanks. You can just shoot down planes with 37mm russian/german or 40mm bofors to get it done.

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the british Skink is a nice AA because of its 4x20mm and the Sherman Tank Chassis.
in 36 Battles i made 88 Air and 11 Tank Kills. So its a pretty good Choice.

I took M19 and killed medium tanks.

zsu57-2, if you have that in your ussr/sweden/israel/italy lineups

and chinese XD, the WZ305 is a ZSU57-2 with one more VT shell