I am lvl 27. What br should i be? (Play realistic and grinding air and ground)

I was wandering what br i am sopose to be.

3.3/3.7 is a good br for both.
What is your highest?


Does that really matter? All that counts is that you’re playing something you enjoy


Stick to low BR’s and practice anti air ,you will need it on any br higher than 1.0

According to gaijin 11.7

Just enjoy the game tbh, don’t listen to their crap that you should not be at high tier


What matters more than what BR you’re playing is what you want to play in War Thunder.

All that matters when you’re playing War Thunder is whether you’re having fun.

If you want to meta game as a free to play player then you should focus on completing the Battlepass and its challenges as it’s the easiest way to access premium vehicles. Events as well offer you vehicles that can accelerate your grind since you sometimes are able to skip entire vehicle lines since the event vehicle is counted for needed vehicles of a rank.

The above requires a minimum of a Rank III vehicle, although the higher the Rank the more score you gain during a match.


If you feel like the game is too easy at your currently played BR, then you probably should advance to higher BR. Other than that, do whatever you want. There is no supposed BR you should play at.

Game level does not mean anything. Best thing about it is 1mil SL at level 100 and uh… that will not even buy a 11.7 vehicle.

5 years down the line you will still be level 100.

play the br of braai vleis

I am 6.7 full lineup/7.3 btr 80a and zsu 57/8.0 helli. (AND I AM NOT PAY TO WIN. I play fair and squer.)

And i am pretty good 6-8 kils per match, 2 nukes.

8.0 helli

Play whatever you enjoy bud, the only thing I would suggest is making sure you have full lineups (or close enough) before you go into a particular battle rating.

In regards to aircraft - again, whatever you like but I would avoid high tier until you get a bit more experience.

Other than that, enjoy yourself, there are plenty of vehicles to play :)

Thx but i am pretty experienced in planes.

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Play the rating that makes you happy. Personally, I like 4.3, 7.0, I might be tempted by 10.0. Top tier I only play if I’m researching something new.