Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU

Gesamtwerk - The Full Story of the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank and the Leopard 2-based Combat Support Vehicles by Frank Lobitz

Top speed is likely identical to 2A7Vs (so 61kph), because both of them were subject to the final drive & transmission

Thanks, gaijin asked me to provide:

You need to provide the following information about the source:

  • Title and if applicable: publication date, document number, ISBN.
  • Author or organisation
  • Image of the cover
  • Images of all the referenced pages and their page numbers
  • References for photographs

If you own this book could you send me those details? I can probably get the publication date and etc but I need a cover image and page reference images/numbers



  • Images of all the referenced pages and their page numbers

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Thank you tremendously. I’ll post updates here when I submit the bug report

I can already tell u, the add on side armor will not be considered, its not enough proof.
U need an official picture. It was the same problem for the leopard 2 PSO that it didnt get the beak add on armor.

Additionaly it might be to late in development for the whole side add on addition

[DEV SERVER] 2A7HU Missing Add-on Armour // // Issues

The best I could come up with. If this doesn’t go through, we are basically waiting for Hungary to start mounting that Armour and driving around with it for images and vidoes.

Which could be who knows when…what if they decide to keep the Armour in storage unless they need it…

Your help has been tremendous, and we wouldn’t have gotten this far without it.

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Your primary source will not be considered a primary source. Being strenghtend can refer to different things as well that might be in development like upgrading the 2a7hu with the thropy system for all we know

Unfortunately that’s all we have. I’m hoping the combination of his statement with the image from the brigade will be enough. But at the end of the day gaijin can turn away any sources even if they are valid if they cant be stuffed.

Afterall the sources they use for other vehicles aren’t much better. We are truly at the mercy of what they think until actual images appear or someone leaks classified docs.

they didn’t accept it, still didn’t hurt to try. Now we wait for the armor to be mounted and photographed.
Fortunately, it is a solid top-tier tank, as it is now.

see it positively, knowing gajin they will add it as a second vehicle to milk the playerbase strengthening your line up and pushing poor italy back further until 2a8

In my hopes the 2a7hu (urban) gets added together with an nearly identical 2a7+ for germany then


Is the added ballistic protection on the turret roof being categorized as “structural steel” in-game, accurate?

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It’ll probably be the same as the Strv 122 roof armor, which iirc is catigorized as composite.

If i were to guess, thats probably just a side effect of it being an unfinished vehicle in the dev server (knock on wood)


i would not say that… remember gajin thinks we use worse add on plates for the front as well

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This would need to be Germany’s. It would be a awesome idea though! +1

nah not realy, this is the hungarian one. Germany should at one point get a 2a7+. But this is italys one

but the HU is their MBT actually or both could get it

the HU is the hungaries tank, not germanys.
A 2a7+ would be pretty much the same as a 2a7HU , but german


Additionaly the 2a7+ was actualy seen with the side on armor as well already

The Leopard 2A7HU is a variant made specifically for Hungary. Germany wont be producing this variant for their own Army.

They could get the Leopard 2A7+, which is functionally the same vehicle as the HU. That being said, tho i wont complain if germany gets the 2A7+, i dont think they really need it. Because the A7V basically covers the same niche, and though it lacks the 50 cal, it is (slightly) lighter, and is harder to overpressure from the turret roof.

Personally, i think if germany were to get another top teir Leopard, id rather they get the Leopard 2A8

Depends, like i showed earlier , their is the possibility for the 2a7+ with the additional side armor. And would strengthen the line up at least a bit more when everyone else gets access to leopards as well.
If we would get a second 2a7 variant i might be able to be convinced that sweden isnt the best german top tier line up anymore, which is the main goal

Thats gonna be quite a while. 2a8 isnt even shown of yet. The ones you saw are 2a7a1s or demonstrators.
The 2a8 might receive further changes like a new engine which will change the chassis as well.
Heck we might see it in 2 weeks, but gotta wait and see

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I think for me, where i would appreciate the 2A7+ being added is if in doing so, they move the 2A5, 6 and maybe the PSO down in BR