Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU

i am aware it propably always is the case xD Still the problem about primary and secondary sources.
Besides that about the armor, i guess he is talking about the add on side armor, which still might be restricted or not completly available to show of. Since it is weird we didnt see any hint of it yet

Gaijin should take the word of an active duty tank commander as primary source on the shell.
Regarding the armor, I think we gonna see it on them…don’t think he would have said “will be on them” otherwise.
They are kinda slow on the 2A7 stuff. Its mostly the 2A4 leos going to exercises, not the 2A7s.

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they didnt take the word of an general and active hand of the 2a7v upgrade as a primary source and denied the 2a7vs armor upgrade xD

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And even if they take it, it doesn’t mean anything as all the Turan III and Zrinyi shells still haven’t been added despite the reports having been accepted. All we can do with Gaijin is hope for the best


I guess he meant this.


so there’s a posibility of Italia getting two leo 2a7hu in some point? one normal leo 2 and a up armored one

depends when gajin adds them, because it is the same leopard, they arent different tanks and have the same disignation. it would only be a mod upgrade if anything


looks at the Ariete PSO
Yeah about that…
I think they’ll split it just for padding and to have more viable vehicles.

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I was thinking about this, I mean, they could be separated vehicles just to add a second backup, it’s a posibility, we have a few examples of that in the game, but who knows

its not an italian vehicle xD thats the big difference, besides that the other problem they wanna avoid is the copy paste outcry, if they add it without the additional armor, many people wont be happy. Specialy since neither italy or hungary arent exemplary or big leopard users.
And nothing against hungary here, but they just are very very new with leopards

What apfsds is it?

latest and greatest i assume
i f you mean the one in the video that’s a drill crtg…dummy shell for the plebs I think

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11th Tank Battalion of Vitéz Tarczay Ervin The Battalion where the Leopards serve. Should be added to the game.

but but… thats not a cat

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If they add this might as well add the 2a7PSO too.

i am not sure what u think of, but a 2a7 pso doesnt exist,
do you mean the 2a7+?

Thought I would discuss top speed of the 2A7HU since it is coming this update.

Currently it is listed to have a 61km/h top speed like the 2A7V. However, this is wrong. The 2A7V and the 2A7+, that the HU or Q versions are based off are fundamentally different vehicles.

All 2A7+ mbts have a 68-72km/h listed top speed on ideal terrain. However, this is customizable depending on gear ratios. This is one of many sources suggesting such a top speed, albeit there is confliction between sources of 68km/h vs 72km/h: Leopard 2A7+ Main Battle Tank (MBT), Germany (

The 2A7V and it’s lower 61km/h top speed is an example of the Bundeswehr changing the final drive gear in Favour of faster acceleration but lower top speed. It has nothing to do with vehicle weight.
This is one of many articles that explains the Bundeswehr’s changes to their 2A7V: Leopard 2A7V Main Battle Tank ~ Part 2 | Joint Forces News (

These differences would also mean the 2A7V needs an acceleration buff as I believe online YT videos have suggested that the 2A7V cannot accelerate as fast as the alleged 2A4 benchmark the Bundeswehr aimed for.

Lastly, I thought I would include a promotional image KMW released for Eurosatory 2022 along with their trophy equipped 2A7+ demonstrator. This image although suggesting a minimum top speed of 60km/h, confirms that the top speed is subject to change based on final drive gears that each nation can customize upon purchase.

(Also worth noting that future 2A7+s or 2A8s with trophy are likely to be much heavier and slower).

{Side note} Its a shame the extra urban combat Armour isn’t coming with the vehicle but that can somewhat be forgiven as currently Hungary has not demonstrated any of their 2A7HUs with the kit and appear to only have bought said kits for specific scenarios.

2a8 is supposed to get the engine that the PSO has most likely to counter the additional weight

I’m attempting to submit bug reports to the devs for both the missing armour and top speed but I need sources. Do you know where this image came from?

It looks like it came from a book.