Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU

i highly doubt it, i mean look at the poor arietes, how you supposed to explain their br if 2a5/6 are 11.3

If anything, they wanted to increase the ground br cap, so 2a7s might be raised even higher

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Yeah. In the Arietes case, though it may be wishful thinking, im hoping their BRs get decompressed once they get a more full (and capable) top teir lineup.

Because after the 2a7HU, they can still add the Ariete AMV PT2 (and or 3), Ariete Hitfact Mk.II, and Centauro II.

But, Gaijin does love nerfing the arietes every other update so even if that does happen it definatly wont be anytime soon

welp…the 2A7HU might be the top dog for longer than we thought. There are rumors that the 2A8IT contract is getting terminated. Rheinmetall must be salivating


German mains rejoice?
That being said if italy decides to get a KF51 as well. I do fear gajin deciding to make the KF51 exclusive to italy/hungary since they are the legitimiate main users.
And not even bothering to give germany the prototype versions we know or are to be showcased like the KF51 on a leopard2a4 chassis

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So no leopard 2a8 coming for the Italians? Great πŸ™„

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Gaijin about to make it a premium