Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU

what u might be forgetting that the 2a7hu needs the space either way, the APU would be in the way of directly monting it to the side as well. Besides that they would need to demount the smoke launchers every time , thats a terrible design if that would be needed

that stuff is named in the leopard books, which we use for the other leoaprds as well, the 2a7q and 2a7hu are explained in those as well, i would take those as more reliable as the news articles

Thats quite easily explained lol, the 2a8 is getting an engine upgrade to offset the additional weight of the trophy system. The 2a8 is supposed to get the europower pack that the PSO has equipped as well.
And will be the only leopard in service with that engine

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Another Leopard… yeahhhhhh 17635 leo isn’t enough

its for italy if that helps lol

Sweden mains about to slowly dissapear into the background and breath as the hate for the Strv122 is moved onto the Leopard 2A7HU

eh gonna need a bit more, the 2a7hu currently armor wise will be the exact same as the 2a7v

I’m thinking with the armor kit, wouldn’t that get it close or better?

absolutly not, its the same armor add on like PSO or strv122b+. It is essentialy only realy effective against HEAT, in some cases a bit against auto cannon but most of the time people hate it rather because it slows down the tank because of the additional weight

alrighty, guess we ain’t getting a breather

+1 italy needs something nice, should also get the ordered 2A8IT before germany gets 2A8 so it can be atleast once the highlight of the patch

yeah aint happening


As long as italy doesnt become second tree with best leopard 2s after sweden, sure why not.


what if Hungary did have a better Leopard 2 IRL then Germany should it be added

We already have sweden with three uparmored leo2s + literally what was german top tier tank for a while vs. Germany with ONE recent uparmored addition + whatever PSO is.

Italy getting both hungarian and italian uparmored variants (assuming italy goes through with its order) would push italy ahead of germany, which is kinda sad for country that actually made the design.

Dont get me wrong, im not saying italy shouldnt get hungarian and italian leo2s in the future, but germany should actually get another uparmored variant first. I want to avoid another sweden situation.


It not the same though the Swedish ones are better when the shouldn’t but these ones should be better and if they have them they should get them even if its better then the German one

I feel theres some misccomunication so let me repeat what i said.

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I see that everything in here is peaceful and everyone is enjoying this discussion

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Finaly good mbt for italy


@Smin1080p pls yeet this to the devs so they can make the Leo 2A7HU nice and accurate, at least in it’s exterior.


considering they gonna copy the german 2a7v model, it will be quite wrong either way, since the model has problems as well

But its a great video, has some very nice shots and the 2a7hu definitly looks great, i love the hungarian camo, but a bit sad the 2a7hu didnt have its RCWS or the add on side armor


As the tank commander says: it has programmable HE, it can be programmed in 3 ways depending on the nature of the target…both the gunner and the commander can program it… for example, if we are talking about attacking soft targets, it can explode 25meters in front of a squad or 3 meters above it.

Moral of the story: never believe what a CEO says to customers.

The commander also mentions at 36:00, answering to the question , “can the Leo’s armor be strengthened”: He says " it can be strengthened and they will be strengthened."