Hungarian Ground Forces

Ah, I was thinking about making the frontal track armour 1944 Turan II into the battle pass premium, and the researchable version doesn’t get the frontal track armour. At the same time, to make the battle pass version even more unique, I wanted it to have a special camo and markings from a certain unit. The way I see it, the tech tree Turan II should be a bog standard one (like the one currently in-game), while the battle pass premium Turan II should be as unique and as different from the standard one as possible, in as many ways as possible (e.g. extra track armour, unique camo and markings, etc.).

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I think the easiest solution would be to leave the current Turan II as is but rename it to something like ‘Turan II Late’ and then have a tech tree version without the sideskirts as ‘Turan II Early’.

Bit of a side note but how would people feel about a Hungarian vehicles discord server?


It would be really good to have a public discord server about Hungarian vehicles!
Gathering info and posting it there. Building a community and etc…

Like all the other WT nation discord servers.

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i mean, at this point you could ask the italian server if you can integrate into theirs and you get a section there

That would be easy, but it would also come with many problems:

  • The other researchable Turans and Zrinyi II have side skirts, the Turan II Early would be an anomaly
  • Side skirts being the only differentiator between two completely separate tanks with different names and different rarities is not really enough
  • The people with the battle pass Turan II would not be happy due to the previous point
  • The names ‘Early’ and ‘Late’ are also somewhat misleading considering all that happened is it got some side skirts. People would also be confused as they would just see the ‘Early’ version, and not see or have any access to the ‘Late’ version, which has already come and gone forever.

I think if the Turan II situation is to get fixed, it has to be done right so as to avoid having to maybe change it again in the future.

What I really miss from the tech tree right now is Nimród and 1-2 more Toldi and Turán wouldn’t hurt.


For me it is any feasible somewhat relevant Hungarian vehicle, but if I had to pick only a few then:

  • Straussler V-4 (preferably in upgraded 1938 form)
  • Toldi III
  • Researchable Turan II
  • Toldi Pancelvadasz
  • 40M Nimrod
  • 44M Tas (in any form)
  • Anything from the postwar era

If I had to pick only one, then I’d pick the 44M Tas.


I don’t think it would work. A lot of people who use the Italian tt didn’t want the Hungarian one as a sub tt, and many Hungarians would have preferred to have a standalone tt.


That would not be possible as the admin and many other members (like me) don’t like this sub tt at all. If the Hungarian community want a discord server to do some research, they will have to create a new One.


why does everyone beside sweden hate their freaking sub trees lol, in the mean time those that are asking for one or need it dont get one lol


The integration was something I already discussed with the owner and he was against it.
Right now there is a private hungarian server that I’m part of where community members gather info to bug report errors in regarding their vehicles, I play the part of the attache to forward bug reports to Smin.

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People play the Italian TT for Italian Vehicles not random copy-paste Warsaw Pact era Bulgarian, Hungarian or Romanian vehicles


Same can be said for UK.
Sweden… well there is a reasonnfor its nickname

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Because Gaijin often just uses sub-tts as an excuse to not make new vehicles.

  1. No Bulgarian vehicles are in the Italian TT
  2. No Romanian Warsaw Pact era vehicles are in the Italian TT
  3. Of course nobody plays the Italian TT for the copy-pastes, neither for the Hungarian copy-pastes, nor for the numerous Italian copy-pastes.
  4. The Hungarian subtree has indigenous Hungarian vehicles (and can get many more)
  5. Copy-paste subtree vehicles still help out the main TT, so it doesn’t warrant hating the subtree. Also, just don’t play the vehicles you don’t like.

Honestly, I don’t see why subtrees are hated (especially the unique SA subtree), sure copy-paste blah blah blah… but every main TT has copy-pastes. The “purity” of the main nation’s TT argument makes no sense as these tech trees were never “pure” to begin with. And the addition of a subtree does not mean the main nation’s vehicles won’t be added. I think people fail to realise that just because X is added it doesn’t mean that somehow Y can no longer be added.


It’s mostly cause they tend to take away from uniqueness when they shouldn’t.
Not in the semse that they’re copy paste, but in the sense that the UK tree will now never receive a light vehicle lime and Italy will probably miss out on a lot too.

At least Swedem won’t lose much of their own potential I guess


It works both ways

Going back to the South African example because it is a subtree of the UK not only the UK misses out on a light vehicle line, South Africa also loses a lot of unique vehicles both in terms of prototypes but also in terms of production vehicles because it is a subtree instead of being in independent TT. Same also applies to the Benelux countries and to a lesser extent Hungary

Sweden is the only nation to benefited it and is one of the very few nations that it is justified though the execution could be way better


Maybe in the future, to allow more content to the existing trees and sub trees, Gaijin will update the UI to allow more lines per tech tree to not make current ones any longer. Because sooner or later there won’t be any more nations to add, but the gaijin has to keep adding new content from time to time.


So guys! I went to the HM CURRUS company and they showed me a lot of stuff. From soviet to german vehicles. I even had the chance to be in an armored Humvee and they drove me around.

But now for the Important stuff. I asked my “tour guide” about the modernised t72. I asked about the 600mm protection he said it is true and also about the neutral steering which he answered yes too!
He said there is a button to engage it.
Also it was interesting because he was the person who drove it to the 1999 C+D military exhibit :D
But when asked about the whereabouts of that t72, sadly they had to strip it back to its original state and now its probably in storage.

He also mentioned that they plan on another t72 modernisation, now I couldn’t get any other info out of him other than that. But I have seen a completely stripped t72 hull without a turret that had a new coating on it which he said that that will be modernised in the future! So I guess it would be a major modernisation program, but it needs a couple of years. Hopefully we’ll see it!


Well, that’s a good point that they take up a line. However, surely Gaijin can increase TT space and add more lines, so at this point the problem is less about the subtrees and more about the lack of enough lines per TT. Also, if countries like the UK, France and Italy had enough vehicles for a fifth line, then why would Gaijin even bother adding subtrees to them? Surely they decided on giving these countries subtrees because they figured that they couldn’t give them a fifth line.

When it comes to countries missing out vehicles, I don’t really think that point stands, considering new vehicles can be added into the existing lines between certain vehicles, or even be foldered (or added as premiums). Also, if really needed, some copy-paste vehicles can be removed from the TT and replaced with indigenous ones that needed the space. On top of that, lines can have a mix of main nation’s + subtree nation’s vehicles, so I really don’t think having a subtree prevents certain vehicles from being added, it just might mean that they are added into a weird place (e.g. Hungarian subtree line goes LT → MT → TD → MT → TD → LT → MBT → MBT → LT → MBT).