Hungarian Ground Forces

Well, it depends on Gaijin, so what players wish for does not matter that much…I would not wait for its addition until when we have photographs of its add-on armor and or, ammunition cause that will most likely be a 2024 summer public event… I am more hyped for and fearful of the aviation subtree.

Next update would be perfect, no matter with or without side armor or anything else)


eh doubt that will happen, they first gonna do some of the missing italian stuff, 2a7v should keep its exclusivity for at least a few updates
But if it should get added, at least we get another initiative to force the updates on the 2a7v and stuff they need to fix, because they gonna need to look trough all the stuff once again

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wouldnt be suprised if they show of a 2a7HU on the Eurosatory as well, that being said old argument only showing DM11 anywhere doesnt mean it can programm it :P

Like, not wanting at all.

I dont need it per se, good if we get one.
The tree still hosts some of the most unbreakable and skilled players of top tier.

I want it just so gaijin can nerf the hell out of the 2A7 the second an italian main touches the go to battle button with it

It speaks volumes about the German players when a Italian can beat them with a worse version of a machine they have.


Doesn’t make sense to add only lightly armored vehicles to top tier setup, Italy is for long in a dire need of adequate armor. I don’t get why it should be exclusive for more updates especially in a cost of Italy being non-competitive, despite it can get equal MBT through its Hungarian subtree.
I mean Centauro 2 would be nice, but it won’t change the current situation at top tier, as well as any other even less competitive vehicles.
Imo first stuff to be added should be 2A7HU and a premium Ariete variant, this way Italy will have a helpful boost to its popularity. Then Centauro 2 can be added to save success.
The only other thing which can help Italian top tier is Ariete’s armor fix, though it still won’t make it equal to 11.7 tanks of other nations, not even talking that such fix seems very unlikely, since I guess Gaijin would postpone weight increase until armor is fixed (on the other hand, maybe a new report which has been acknowledged will change the situation, who knows).


I said this because there are multiple arietes left as well which were promised to italy, the ariete pso+war kit together and the ariete C2 are still supposed to come.
If gajin adds the leo first the C2 will lose its shine and would always only be second fiddle.

Besides that my german cope speaking here, aftwr the sweden fiasco, germany deserves to habe the best leopard at least for a few patches, the problem is gajins inability to even model the 2a7v right and it still being worse then the strv122s

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It doesn’t exist yet


C2 should be produced first. Also in the state of AMV prototypes it’s nothing new compared to what we already have (PT2 and 3 can suggest a bit better thermals and gamewise that’s all basically). WAR+PSO is just a deadweight, that’s the worst configuration we can get, especially in the current state of protection given by them.

That is the real reason, not “multiple Ariete left” lol
I don’t have German nor Italian cope, so I’m fine with a better Hungarian MBT compared to Italian one in the tree. I would actually like to see Arietes at proper BR without DM53 (which was an excuse to keep it at top BR). Maybe in the future C2 Ariete irl will get something which will make it more interesting, like there are rumors about APS, also 2A8IT is planned, in that case these vehicles can make Italian top tier viable, but so far 2A7HU is the only option.


might have meaned the PT 2 then, the C2 (PT3) suggestion is confusing when it already shows “pictures”

that guy made a suggestion that doesn’t make any sense, since PT2 and 3 are identical for now and PT3 is not a C2 ariete. that suggestion was created based on a false assumption.

They really need to add versions of the “event” Hungarian vehicles to the main line tree, as these were frontline vehicles during WW2. The event stuff still has its premium or whatever, but leaving it out of the Hungarian main tree would be like including KV1s for the Soviet Union then putting all T-34 variants as limited event vehicles…

And also that the 40M Nimród (along with HEAT round) hasn’t been added, as standard, along with the other vehicles is just weird to me due to how important and well used (as AA and AT) during WW2 this iconic vehicle was.

The Finnish Landsverk L-62 Anti II was added to the Swedish tech tree and the 40M Nimród was just a modified licensed version of that:


Yeah, it would be great to have the Turán II and the Toldi in the tech tree. The zrínyi I can be added to the tech tree without the rockets and rename the premium one to Zrínyi I sorozatvető.

The Nimród will come, just hope the one with the HEAT grenade will come too.


Thought u guys might enjoy that one as well


Exactly what I’ve been saying too. Considering the Toldi series was the Hungarian equivalent of the T-34 series (in terms of numbers made and used in combat), the fact that there is only a single Toldi hidden away as some rare limited time battle pass vehicle is absolutely ridiculous. Imagine the M4 Sherman/T-34/Panzer IV only being represented in one version and being hidden as a limited time battle pass premium… while ridiculously rare fake crap like the Ho-Ri and R2Y2s are researchable to all!


Yeah honestly, with these simple steps, Gaijin could make the Hungarian ground subtree 10x more interesting and unique:

-Add a researchable Toldi IIA (change the premium to be named “Toldi IIA 2nd Armoured Division” or something and give it a unique camo)
-Add a researchable Turan II (change the premium to be named “Turan II 2nd Armoured Division” or something and give it a unique camo)
-Add a researchable Zrinyi I but without the rocket launchers (change the premium to be named “Zrinyi I Sorozatveto” or something and fix the rockets to make them useable)
-Add the 40M Nimrod - this should be very easy to do
-Add other Toldi variants - again, should be easy
-Add more Hungarian tanks (e.g. Straussler V-4, Toldi Pancelvadasz, 44M Tas, etc.) if they have time.


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