Hungarian Ground Forces

they added the Hungarian roundel on T72M1 and Hungarian Leopard 2A4, but not the BTR


This looks good, I wonder If they will add this as a decal too

KF51 EVO with L/55A1 gun autoloader, based on the buffalp chassis? I am a bit sceptical about the chassis choice, but it does sound intresting.
Germany getting the 130mm autoloader variant on leo chassis we already saw.
And Hungary getting the Evo variant seems like a good compromise. Autoloaded L55/A1 gun promises to be strong as well

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Where when ? Anyway, why can’t it be put on another vehicle?

I told you that we entered the KF51 development, but it is time before they sign a contract and will buy it. around 140-200 pcs. 2 NATO battalions plus 30 reserves is the minimum. Plus, they want to buy the Lynx 120 for KF-41 fire support.
Currently, 70 Hungarian engineers are working on the KF-51 in Zalaegerszeg.

Never said they arent part of it. But the Main development still is germany. The KF51 Evo is a weird intermediate step to a new gen tank. As far as i understand it Hungary prematurely ordered them to deepen their Relationship to Rheinmetall and involve themself more in the development.
The KF51 Evo has its negatives, it still hasnt developed a new chassis but only a modified Buffalo one



Buffalo is a modification of the Leopard 2 chassis so still german as well and it is already 30years old at this point as well. They used that one since they propably arent allowed to straight up use the Leo 2 hull which is optimized for MBT usage. The autoloader is nice, but that one might be used for the 2AX in the future as well.

But currently this premature version is still a sidestep to the 2A8. You trade of armor for a better reload and more mobility.

The strikeshield is good (ignoring implementation in the game), but the Eurothropy does an excelent job as well, while having great mobility. The extra armor propably is the better way then purely to rely on the APS system.

In the big sense this step mainly is political on hungaries part.

But i find it good. In this sense we will see different KF51 developents and Germany will get the ones not in service of Hungary

The development just started, I don’t know, maybe it will get a new hull. It will last for years and then they will order it.

well the current plans were pretty well named in the article

Rheinmetall receives development order from Hungary for Skyranger 30 turret for the future Lynx KF41

sadly didnt tell us anything new about the Skyranger, mostly already stuff we already knew

I think a Hungarian tree is fine. I just want it so that Gaijn stops trying to separate German developments into other nation trees as if they aren’t just KMW or Rheinmetall exports.

Well seems like you guys can look forward to a completly nerfed 2A7HU, the reasons they use to deny the armor for the 2a7V is ridiculous, no idea what is with their prefered treatnebt fir sweden

The Sweden treatment is just them misrepresenting the data from the Swedish Trials consistently for balance. They keep calling the variants domestic even though they aren’t developmentally at all.

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All we can see around Hungarian subtree is ridiculous reasons why they cant implement something in their historical form.
Like a picture of the vehicle itself isnt a primary source, and cannot be used because pixel measurement isnt good enough for them and things like that.
I havent played it for a while, but Turán II probably still has 44 mm pen for its APHE, which has less kinetic energy than its HE shot. I quess Hungarian engineers cant understand how penetrations work and put less propellant into it or something… At the same time I reported this 2 times with primary sources.
So welcome to Hungary. A7HU wont be different from the other stuff we have. All are unhistorical.


yep its still 44mm

3 more coming

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1 thing i do have to say is that i like the hungarian camo skin design

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Btw, how soon do you guys even want the 2A7HU? Ignoring me thinking it shouldnt be added for another patch or 2 at least.

If gajin would add it currently, you would get a 2A7HU without additional side armor, because their is no visual prove it had those equipped yet (at least not that i know of), and doesnt matter if they already in your storage, gajin needs a visual proof it has them equipped (see Leo 2 PSO beak armor).

The other funny thing i am gonna tease you about, is the unability to programm DM11, since that is the current offical statement that exists and no other proof exists