Humvee EOS R400S Mk2

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Hi guys.

Today i wanna suggest a Humvee. But it’s a Humvee with a 30mm Bushmaster and a Javelin ATGM.



The upgrade package is designed by the company Electro Optic Systems. The aim is to incease protection of the Humvee by avoiding the gunner having to expose himself to enemy fire by using an remote weapons station. And the Humvee can get it’s 12.7mm Browning replaced with a 30mm OrbitalATK M230LF Bushmaster, A 7.62mm M240 Machine gun, And a FGM-148 Javelin ATGM.
The M230LF is a lightweight variant of the regular M230 Chain Gun used on the AH-64 Apache. The M230LF is able to use identical ammunition types as on the Standard M230 Bushmaster. These ammo types include HE Frag, Airburst, Semi Armor Piercing shells and other variants.
The weapons station was tested in Redstone Test Center Alabama with satisfying results. And the remote weapons station is used by diffirent nations on diffirent vehicle platforms.
Though it is currently not known if the US Military is going to adopt the EOS R400S Mk2 on mass scale on it’s Humvee fleets. Though they are also in talks of Introducing a similar type of weapons platform on their newly aquired JLTV Mrap.

And here is a quick rundown of the Humvee. The Humvee was first introduced back in the 1980,s where it was intended to replace the old and trusted Jeep in the US military. The Vehicle first saw combat in the invasion of Panama. The Humvee became famous when it was heavely fielded in the War of Iraq 2003-2011. Where the vehicle was becoming a regular target for local insurgent IED ambushes and Snipers.
After allmost 40 years in service. The Humvee is Still a trusted Troop Transport for Both the US Military and other nations across the world. And even though Replacements are being attemted. It seems the Humvee is not going anywhere any time soon.


Protection. Armored Glass and light composite which can withstand up to 12.7mm rounds at the engine front and 7.62mm at the vehicle sides and rear.
Crew. 3 approximately. Driver, Gunner, Comander.
Engine. V8 turbo diesel 190 hp.
Guns. 30mm M230LF Bushmaster. 7.62mm M240 Machine Gun, FGM-148 Javelin ATGM.


I hope you guys like the suggestion. since i really hope we will see the Humvee introduced into the game at some point. And if i missed something or have to update the suggestion. Please let me know. Since this is a vehicle i really wanna see be added to the game.


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