HUD in new update needs adjustment

Cant see scores in vehicle select /map view or score board on battle mode maps for GRB, this is vital for tactical decision making. Also its not WT

Edit: i can still see the old tickets system on score board but its no longer viewable in map/ vehicle selection where i need to know score to make vehicle selection


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What tactical decisions lul

Put it this way, if you are in my team and i need to carry you ill choose my best tank, if your not in my team ill work on spading 😜

Then just look at the Scoreboard, for me its still there bottom left next to spectator

Are you looking at the new score system for battles in GRB?

Haven’t even seen anything new yet, for me its still this

when i press Tab i see scoreboard, when i press M i see my vehicle stuff and the thingy above it

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You not been in battles yet since uodate

been playing like over a dozen matches since the update came out but mkay

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You not been in battle mode or you woukd know. You do know there is domination, confrontation and the battles. 1, 2 or 3 capture points

You can still see the scoreboard and tickets? The new HUD change is just that, a graphics change. It conveys the exact same information (arguably more information) as before.

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It might be xbox issue, il put screen shots up in a min

i still see all when press tab and when im in respawn menu i can still click on the scoreboard bottom left

I have added screen shots to the OP

Ok i dont see that either when inside Scoreboard/Respawn in that mode but i don’t see why thats necessary, don’t know why its not possible but i don’t think its necessary anyway, if you look at scoreboard you can still see how ur team is performing and make whatever ‘tactical decision’ lul

just spawn in what you want to play champ

Ive just noticed the old ticket system is there on score board, it used to be in map view as well. If your to busy fighting and lose track of score, makes vehicle selection a bit hit and miss. They should of left it alone its not WT

The more I think about it, the more it feels like CoD like mode. I mean kinda cool, but im not playing WT for that CoD like stuff.

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Gaijin showing that kills are most important part of the game ;)

For battles mode yes. I dont like it, its to in you face to much and its not WT

The tickets dont matter in battle mode, so the ticket counter bars are useless. You will run the enemy team out of spawnpoints before you run them out of tickets from kills, and caps dont reduce tickets unless you fully cap it at which point you win anyway.

Its all kills and time remaining that wins battle games, and the new UI give you that information quicker and better than the old

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It doesn’t have to look that bad though.