HSTV-L VS. the 2S38 (BR)

HEAT isn’t HE (and doesn’t act like HE either, not sure why everyone is pointing it out) and you did in fact point out the tanks that DO have HE. However, you cherry picked. I can find far more that don’t than do.

I went through all of the MBTs that are in top tier accept like 2 or 3 MBTs that had HEAT that was Italy Israel and France.

I’ve been saying 2S38 should be 10.3 since it was released.
Literally zero change in my opinion.

He’s claiming HEAT doesn’t count because “he doesn’t believe” it can overpressure. I guess he’s a perfect fit for GJN…

Every single abrams lacks HE (I’m aware this is the same nation, it doesn’t matter nowadays because of mixed matchmaker being common in my experience, still worth bringing up)

Leopard 2A5/2A6 do not have HE, only their more modern modifications. (Germany)

A single (1) challenger 2 has HE (UK)

The Japanese do not have HE

Italy does not have HE

France does not have HE

Even Sweden’s 2A6 does not have HE, only their STRV122s.

You basically just copypasted a bunch of swedish leopards and russian MBTs to prove your point?

The 2S38 has a 300% fire rate which MORE than compensates for that small pen difference. Not only that, but the crewless turret, its ammo count, and its AA abilities make it much better in other categories. Saying the HSTV-L is “drastically superior” is quite literally a lie.

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I said I do not believe it can overpressure the HSTV-L in this situation… stop being toxic. There is ZERO need for it.

Less than 10 minutes ago I was overpressured by a DTP-125 round fired by a VT-4 while using the HSTV-L on a flat hull over a hill.

Bouncing rounds faster is still just bouncing rounds, especially when the first stage is still only 26 rounds, which is identical to HSTVL’s total ammo count.

I get that 2S38 is your favorite light tank ever made, but it’s not as good as you’re claiming.
SPAA doesn’t make 2S38 better at killing tanks, 2S38 is a 9.3 SPAA so that won’t impact its BR as its BR is 10.0, not 9.0.

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“that’s rare, so it doesn’t count”?

The only reason you think none of them have HE is because you’re not counting HEAT. Which its in the name itself. Also if you looked, I put down every top tier MBT (at least the top MBT for each country) accept 3 from France, Italy and Israel.


Yeah I was going off prior memory of using the HSTV-L hull down plenty of times. Upon further inspection in the hangar for a bit the HSTV-L can definitely be overpressured by HEAT but the shot has to hit the turret cheeks for it to work generally speaking and I imagine the reason I thought the HSTV-L wasn’t easily overpressured by HEAT in this regard was because its not an easy shot to hit and most people weren’t doing it (or firing HEAT I guess) So yeah I’m definitely wrong about the HEAT thing, apologies.

Weird how I can admit fault and apologize but other people seem to spend hours daily on this forum just to shit talk and be toxic lol

This is not true at all. It’s much more reliable to take out someone’s barrel with the RoF the 2s38 has Vs the hstv-l

You do realize the more rounds you put down range, the higher the likelihood of penning and killing crewmembers/crucial components? That’s a silly thing to say.


A minute ago you were calling me toxic for pointing out you were wrong.

You’re toxic because of how you reply to people, not what your underlying message is.

Also, being dual purpose and able to kill both tanks and aircraft makes it much much better? I don’t understand why you are acting like being able to kill helicopters in their spawn and low flying CAS does not matter when looking at how good a tank is?

Being dual-purpose doesn’t increase BR otherwise M1A2 SEP would be 12.0 instead of 11.7 due to its proximity round.

And all of the SPAA equivalent to 2S38 are at lower BRs 8.7 - 9.0.

Almost every single top tier tank has some form of explosive shell. Unless you’re going to say HEAT doesn’t count, in which case I give up, as you’re just going to keep moving goalposts.

How exactly is that toxic? I literally predicted what your (faulty) argument was going to be. That’s it. From then you started name calling.


That’s not the equivalent to a 57mm autocannon that fires proxi fuse shells with an IRST lead indicator? Why are you trying to play that off?