HSTV-L vs 2S38

143mm pen APFSDS 24 round ready rack


the HSTV-L is way faster and the 2s38 acceleration is very slow, if your not on a flat terain a t72 will out accelerate you, its a slow turd with an autocanon and is useless as an AA since last updates. I agree bump it to br11 only if its acceleration is rized to the leo2 level otherwise its uselss at higer br

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Otomatic has the limited ammount of APFSDS in the second autoloader and it can carry more APFSDS rounds in the hull. Unlike in game Otomatic IRL have 2 autoloaders in the turret. One feed the APFSDS rounds and the seconds has the HE-VT/HE. Gaijin isnt capable modle that in game.

just Gaijin fix the damage on M830A1 first then worry about IRST later because it too damn underpower

At some point we may get that double feed simulation.
You are correct that is a flaw, and that has to be considered otherwise you could have a 12< round APFSDS first stage.

Yup, pretty much. 12 rounds in autoloader and then extra rounds on hull.

boy you keep it up with that 9.3 spaa bullshit huh ?
you can’t accept the fact that it is better then most AA till what 10.3 with sams ? or 9.3 with the (no suprise undertiered ru sam version) ??
2s38 is a 10.0 spaa and 10.7 light, its simple as that
but you are defending it
keep chiling with gajooble mods ;)

What are you talking about?
It being slightly better than M247 [9.0] doesn’t mean anything in regards to 10.0.
There is NOTHING at 10.0 inferior to it in the SPAA role.

You keep defending the 2S38 for no reason. It’s not as good as you claim. Your favorite light tank isn’t that great.

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its crap as a SPAA, all you 2s38 haters have serious skill issues.

I hate BMP & Marder, not 2S38.

What r u talking about, in real life the 2s38 can carry 148 rounds and it dosnt matter if apfsds or he

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In real life the vehicle was designed for the primary role as an SPAA against low flying aircraft. It is not designed to engage in direct combat. IRL just like other SPAAs it might have ~60 rounds of APDS or in this case APFSDS in case it had to fight, but it wouldn’t go in expecting to fight.

Under this logic we should see Gepards able to equip full loadouts of APDS, but that’d be silly. Just like it’s silly for the 2S38 to be able to take a full loadout of APFSDS.

This post is full of a lot of Russian shills.

The HSTVL is the worst tank in the US tree. Its over tiered and artificially held back with Russian bias by not giving it the real round. Its a perfect example of how they purposely make NATO vehicles underperform while over tiering them at the same time. You have to be mentally ill to think the HSTVL is the power house some of these people claim it is. I cant even imagine the mental gymnastics it takes to think that but ok.

HSTVL takes precise aim. I mean PRECISE AIM. A 2s38 player can look in the enemies direction and aim with their forehead. It takes zero brain power to use. Meanwhile you have to be this deadeye legendary sniper to even compete in the HSTVL. You can literally empty an entire ammo rack into a tank and it will repair and kill you if you dont aim correctly. Thats how bad its round was artificially nerfed.

The S238 should be 11.3 right along side the HSTVL. It doesnt even exist. Its just a Russian cope tank.

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No it wasn’t.
If it was designed as SPAA primarily it’d have a search radar.

You accuse randos of being “Russian shills” then you go and attack superior US equipment while praising & defending inferior Russian equipment.

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Go look at the reports on the vehicle mate.

Funny enough, people who research gepard usage in training and intended combat say it would be loaded full of (F)APDS. Fragmenting/Frangible APDS, which is basically a 35mm APDS designed to do more damage to soft-ish things in exchange for lesser performance against armor.

Sorta like PELE ammo for full bore tank guns or hollow point bullets for small arms. FAPDS flies faster faster and is more accurate than full bore 35mm ammo, so it extends the effective range of the Gepard by a fair amount.

Full APDS for the Gepard would be silly, but not quite as absurd as you’d first believe.

why do you think , a system with radar warning receivers , would not be a anti aircraft platform .
and before you ask , it is supposed to get signals from enemies ground mapping radar while they hug ground

Not just 2S38 the entire Russian tech tree that take zero brain power every of them are handheld even spall and ammo detonation chance also undertier vehicles.

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Cope harder, that’s an absurd statement.

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yeah? and what you gonna do about it eh?