HSTV-L Lethality


I know that this is a topic that even some content creators like JustinPlays has beat like a dead horse: (Even sending an 8 page write up on the capabilities and parameters of the vehicle). But The HSTV-L, as poorly as it performs. Is still a favorite vehicle of mine. But it’s lethality is really leaving something to be desired. Especially with these new MBTs at top tier. I’ve run into multiple instances where I have disabled an enemy 2A7 or Challenger 3. And spent 15+ rounds circling them, punching holes where ever I can see unexploded ammo or living crew members. I’ve even run out of ammo driving in circles around tanks and the just refuse to kick the bucket. I’ve even had instances where its taken 7 or 8 rounds just to kill a BMP-2. Yet there are other times where you straight up ammo rack a T-80 through the drivers hatch. The lethality seems so ungodly inconsistent. Even when you have a flank or good angle on a tank. And tanks with any form of spall liner is a no go right off the bat it seems. It honestly feels like it would fit better in a lower BR. Or could really use some upgrades to help round it out better. Suggestions for change anyone?


Yea worst part is it actually used a round that would be far better than the one Gaijin gave it but for some reason its not in game…Im pretty sure I know the reason why too…

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