How ?!

How a reward this low is even possible Gaijin ?!

It’s SO frustration when you do a good game and get slap in the face with this kind of reward ! And i have a damn Premium account !

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Ground RB RP gain is pathetically low. It should be doubled to make it on par with air RB.

8K RP for 9 kills with a premium account is way too low. In air RB 3 kills without premium can get you the same amount easily


Yup and i wonder if gaijin reduced income before adding ther “killstreak buff” because i didn’t see any difference

Most RP comes from battle time so the longer the match goes and u are active the better and sl from kills and caps etc

7 minute match.
It’s hilarious how much more RP you get by playing a 10+ minute match.

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Yea, sad thing is you as a single player in one of 2 teams most of the time cant dictate how long the game will be


Nuke, 10 kills and 17 minutes of playtime gives only 14k RP and 82k SL. Sigh.

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Big earn for a GRB, but small for what you done, considering 98 activity


I don’t even now why i have only 86% of battle activity when i was almost continuously on the move

If i only i could control how long the mach last

Battle activity is not moving, it’s like “Seeing the enemy reasonably often in your line of sight” / getting caps, etc. If you drive in circles in the corner of the map away from everyone, you’ll get almost zero activity. The exact formula is not published though.

It hurt to see so little reward for this

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This game mode doesn’t start with “Air” so we can’t have nice things.

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i was contiuously fighting people so its weird

What do you mean ?

Nothing, I was just taking a piss on how handheld Air modes are.

How are air modes handheld?

My last game, flying planes, I got 10 kills, 3500+ game score, finished first by a good deal(this time . . lol) and made 51k SL’s and 1537 RP. Now granted, it was an AB match and flying 4.3 lineup while researching the MiG-29SMT is anything but “efficient”, I honestly do not see any “handholding” for air. It CAN be more rewarding than tanks for similar amounts of time/effort, but not always the case. I do think tank grind and working the trees for ground is more difficult than planes or naval . . . by a good deal even. But I do not really understand player’s animosity towards other players for the mode and/or vehicle type they are playing. I just don’t get it . . . everyone is in such a hurry and just bypasses so many things in game. Which goes directly against the game’s design . . and then they are mad about it.
To me, it’s not the destination, but the journey that is important. . . . I’m just here enjoying the ride . .

It just isn’t rewarding playing the game and Gaijin just making it feel that way. It also feels like they did like a minor nerf to rewards for no reason.

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By extending the grind you gain and elevated sense of appreciate and fulfilment when you finally unlock the next vehicle.
In addition you also do not want to proceed through the tech trees too fast as you will not learn the vehicles mechanics or have a full line-up.
Also don’t forget you have whatever the RP is that you can spend Golden Eagles on.
[spoiler]Gib monies[/spoiler]