How we play the game now?

Plz gaijin do something for all player who leave the game after 1 dead it s alway’s the same profile player with 1 premium we can plmay the game when 60% of the player leave after 3 min it s impossible to play it s not the first time we call you about that do something give them 10 min of penality for all nation or something like that plz we want to have fun !



I wonder if excess ODL is server (location) is part of this issue as I am just not seeing this? I use US and EU. I am closer to the Singapore server but it is always slow/unstable?

the same problem on a larger scale on the BR of the top premium vehicles has been faced by the AB mode for 2 years. I see a lot of lvl 6-30 accounts often even without any vehicles researched and only thousands of games on premium machines. Of course, 90% of these accounts are bots with Asian nicknames.

Selling top premium vehicles to people who just created an account is a stupid sales policy, These people have no clue about the game, they just drive and die. They’ve broken down the highest BR ranges in the game, which used to be a place where almost everyone in a match had a full set of vehicles, sometimes using premium ones. Currently, it’s 90% premium vehicles and occasionally someone normal who tries to play in this septic tank. The gameplay has been completely destroyed.


I thought the Singapore (SA) servers got moved to Japan. Are there still some in Singapore?

No idea of this move? Long time since I checked SA server because the US and EU have been at a decent ping. I’ll check to see what it’s ping is like now.

Game is pure GARBAGE and go ahead Gaijin ban me from playing you already gave me a 15 day chat ban.

That’s how I feel every time I die… but seriously, just uninstall the game and forget about it. At least it’ll give you the option to play with the same account again if you ever decide to return.

You truly are now a War Thunder player, welcome to the club!


There are a lot of players in forum asking the opposite…saying they have the RIGHT to play only one vehicle and quit…
I personally think penalties should in fact be higher to further discourage the behaviour.
In lineup terms…i never agreed with the concept of buying a Premium and then having to research the entire tree to get supporting vehicles…here the solution could be that once you buy a Rank5 (or whatever) premium/pack you then could research same RANK vehicles…a bit like the Israeli tree…don’t get why this is not possible as it makes even economic sense…IMHO.


Hell no, just leave it as is. I leave for all kind of reasons after one death and getting penalized for it isn’t going to encourage me to stay and “fight it out”.

My advice for those with a problem with it, should join a squadron and/or group up with friends to play together is always a better option. You’ll be more effective working as a group than hoping a bunch of random teammates from the internet are all working towards the same goal.

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Like i said…different players, different views… :)

Lots of players will leave after one death for many different reasons…some more valid than others. And the relative merits of that decision are always debatable…

Devs cannot force players to play, and i dont think they can make a BR/map/matchmaking/economy combo that will please everyone on the match…

They can make it easier for players to make beter lineups after they buy a premium…this i think would even benefit the business.


Instead of complaining about one death leave, complain about people doing nothing in the match. Your entire team was useless but the first 3 guys. The second guy had the double of the activity you did in one life. If you were good, maybe he would be motivated to keep spawning.
And there will be no solution to one death leavers since gaijin most sales comes from people who buy premiums to research the tech tree. And that’s actually a very healthy strategy for the game, considering that the alternative would be premiums giving an unfair advantage, such as better ammo, better armor, better mobility, etc.
Remember that Gaijin is a company and not a non profit organization. They need to sell to keep the game alive. And considering it’s a Russian company which has to suffer all the western penalties they got in the last year, you should thank they didn’t raised the price of everything.

There is a simple solution as i mentioned. When you buy premium you would start research at the same rank. Makes no sense that someone wanting to play cold war vehicles can buy a M48 or even a M1…and then has to research everything from Sruarts up to get the second vehicle in the lineup.
I actually think would INCREASE the PREMIUM VEHICLE sales…but not sure if i am missing some important point…perhaps sales of PREMIUM time in order to accelerate the process…

Being a newer player I originally designed my lineups to have 3-5 vehicles for the B.R

As I play more I find the following situations occur which over time are making me use 1 vehicle more and more often.

  1. Some matches last only long enough to use two vehicles sometimes 3 if you’re lucky. By actually use them I mean get out of spawn to an activity area where the enemy is.

  2. I spawn and die to CAS shortly after, I often have a spaa but compared to some ‘eeeemazing players’ they kill me anyway in a plane, or i get tag teamed. most ww2 spaa’s are pretty nerfed and can only really do damage around 1k… some planes can kill you way earlier than that.

  3. Our team gets wiped out completely and there are shitheads camping at funny angles shooting us as we spawn in.

If gaijin wants people to use more vehicles they should consider the map design, game design and how to encourage such activity.

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Makes sense, making premium purchase worth more without extensive Dev time being wasted is just good.

Maybe limit the vehicle to 3 for ground and 2 for air, so after you research those three new vehicle you have to grind your tree again

eh you can play 0 vehicles and quit, you can sit in menu entire match… if you think 1 vehicle players are the problem then maybe think a bit more on the subject.

The problem is the crappy maps and the random game modes/maps.

This leads to abusing all of what I mention above. People don’t even spawn into a match at the same time … one can spawn whenever he likes.

Core game is broken/non existent. But WT players are dellusional and apparently think other things are for more important :)

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How we play the game now?, that’s a very good question.
High tier is infested with cheaters. And if you complain about that, gaijin will censor you, like they did here: 9.0+ cheater problem - #19
While ODL are a problem, cheaters are a far worse threat.


The number one reason is because they have the IQ of a rock.

It’s easy, in Arcade allow 3 . if you play only one you are using 33% of the resources. You are screwing the team because many times people quit at minute 1.

Speak clearly and stop telling movies. 90% of the problems are because of the community.

I don’t always use all 3 obviously but I try…

hah, beat you double!

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Again core game is broken because every aspect is tied to cash. It is actually impossible I think to monitize core gameplay mechanics any more than has been done?

You cannot force people to play set amount of vehicles currently as the player has no choice in the game mode/map. People would just quit the game if stuck in scenarios where they have no chance to win or use the vehicle they need to progress.

The last change to premium is also broken. A F2P player is playing a different game literally… premium can suicide all vehicles without loss or a care in the world in an effort to get revenge or win a game.

There is a severe lack of understanding regarding the importance of these core game mechanics… dont add something if all you are going to do is give someone a way to bypass that with cash, if trying to create a good “game”.

I am a premium user, still this decision to me is like unbeliveable.

So yes people should all spawn in at same time. People should be forced to use more than one vehicle, they should not be allowed to leave using no vehicles.

On the other hand this can only happen if core game is addressed.

So what is being suggested is every player logging into a battle must have 3 vehicles. Player must spawn all 3, if player doesn’t, the game will spawn their next one for them. They are locked into the battle and can’t leave until the (3rd) vehicle will be spawned in. Does that mean they will play them or just feed kill points to the opposing team?
There really isn’t a viable means of “FORCING” players. In real combat, POW’s were taken by soldiers surrendering. In WT it is always a fight to the death so some choose to retreat (not spawn back in).
Also we all have different levels of tolerance to what is called GJ Magic (broken game mechanics).