How to stock grind MiG-23MF/Any jet that can't do PvP early in stock grind

This goes for any jet (such as the 23MF) that is incapable of doing PvP early in its grind (due to horrendous FM/missiles) but also can’t effectively bomb bases. What do you do? I’ve heard rocketing bases works, is that effective for this plane?

If you can get into it. Id suggest SB. Rockets or bombs on bases. and avoid PvP wherever possible. Could work in ARB as well, but you are actively competing with everyone else to get to bases.

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Use the S-5k rockets and napalm together and it call kill a base while staying as light as possible. If you want to just do rockets a full load of S-5k can kill 3/4 of a base and will be quite effective at gaining RP before having the missiles.

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Gunning down AI air/ground targets or being patient and waiting to 3rd party someone. The latter can be pretty slow because few opportunities will arise but it’s consistent. You can easily get 1 kill per match if you play safe.

Jets just need competitive missiles stock, same with tanks needing good shells stock, which at least they did somewhat for top tier whilst still screwing over the previous vehicles with stock heatfs.

There is ground units, and AI aircrafts both easy to gunkill ^^"

Also playing PvE mode makes you able to reach a minimum requirement of Flares/chaffs+ early missiles (more than the 2 Stock ones)

Going for AI planes and ground targets is what I do.

Even when im not stock I normally end up going and getting a kill on what I like to call a “pity howitzer”, to avoid the game giving me the big fat 0 if I happen to win and not get a kill as commonly happens in ARB.

Getting a 0 dont mean get 0 RP, cause I just get a 0 in J-8F stock grinding and receive 150+ RP ;)
at least MiG-23MF could bomb a base with rockets, but for J-8F the rockets in tier 2 and you need tier 4 500kg bomb to get a full base