How to start radar gunsights in SIM?

Many posts say radars work in cockpit mode for gunsights but i get no propper solution no matter what i try. Disabling/changing gun corvengance changes nothing. I tried every french radar in tier 5,6 and half of 7 and not a single one gives solution.

Im talking about this

I saw on reddit premium F5 had it but it doesnt work when i test drive it. Am i missing keybind or something?

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You must assign button to select radar target or something like this.

Locking doesn’t change anything on sights regarding lead and if im not wrong radars like an/apg-30 should be able to rangefind but they cant lock manualy.

Ballistic computer for cannons can be turned on/off. Did you bind that?

Balistic computer doesnt change anything, it only changes sights for ground strike.

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Didn’t realize the ballistic computers are only for ground.

If it is bug it is general not only mig.

Like on this image, im flying f84f balistic computer is on radar is locked to enemy but moving part of sight shows wrong spot to shoot.(it uses set gun corvegance)

The radar gunsight has never worked in game since they were first introduced. Don’t bother with using them, especially if in a lineup where enemy aircraft have RWR. Certain gunsight radars trigger the RWR and tell everyone that you are coming.

A few radars used to give you a lead indicator, which was accurate. Of course that’s not exactly how the RL sights worked, but the effect was much the same. But they removed that feature and left us with the gyro sights which have never worked.

I flew the Super Mystere B2 yesterday and the sight wasn’t moving at all. It was just sitting there not showing anything like it used to.