How to request gaijin to add more camouflage?

It has been a long time since gaijin added new disguises to vehicles in the game. They now only randomly select some custom paint from the community and put them on the market for sale. This makes it difficult to obtain some coatings that are widely used in reality, and there is even no way to obtain them. (And they always choose some very ugly or useless snow camouflage)

Give some simple examples: for example, Soviet tanks lack yellow desert paint, which cannot be seen on any Soviet tank. In the Middle East, this is the most common, and a large number of Arab countries use a single yellow desert camouflage.

Some Soviet Cold War era vehicles also did not have default green coatings

Also, there is the digital camouflage of Chinese tanks. Currently, only the ZTZ99A in the game has this camouflage, and none of the other vehicles have it. Is it difficult to add this camouflage to other vehicles? This will not cause any conflict with market camouflage. At present, there are already a large number of self-made coatings in the market that have the same style as the in-game coatings, so this will not affect.

Meeting these needs is not a difficult task for gaijin, and these tasks may only take one day to complete. They can even sell these coatings using GE. From any perspective, this is a quick way to make money, but they have never done so

A long time ago, gaijin made camouflage for T64 and T80(I made the purchase without hesitation), but I don’t know why T72 didn’t get this



You can make suggestions for these camouflages in Suggestions → Skins.


^ That, Thanks!

Making detailed suggestions is the best way for consideration


There are also a great many skin/camo makers about. You can see their work in the Marketplace and they are also giving away a good many in the upcoming eSports tournament, you get those just for watching. Looking over the skins available in the Update crates and again, those offered in the Marketplace, you can see what is currently available. You can also make requests directly to the skin makers, eSports has a Discord channel, as does the War Thunder Unofficial Discord Server . . both which are easy to join and pretty busy . . good people and a lot of info there. Also, another option . . . you can learn to make skins such as those you are showing. Also . . .
40 New User-Created Camouflages in the “Kings of Battle” Trophy!
Hope that helps

okay, I will try