40 New User-Created Camouflages in the “Kings of Battle” Trophy!

The “Kings of Battle” major update has been released! This means you’ll be able to get the “Kings of Battle” skin trophy, which includes 40 camouflages from Live.WT presented in coupon form.

This trophy features camouflages for all nations in the game and all ranks. Those of you who are fans of historical camouflages will certainly be happy to hear that this number is higher than usual this time! And in addition and as usual, you have a chance to get a coupon for a rare vehicle, or a new decal dedicated to this major update.

Contents of the “Kings of Battle” trophy:

  • Coupons for rare vehicles.
  • 19 camouflage coupons for ground vehicles.
  • 19 camouflage coupons for aircraft.
  • 1 camouflage coupons for naval vessels.
  • 1 camouflage coupon for helicopters.
  • Coupon for the “Kings of Battle” decal.

Kings of Battle Decal

To unlock the trophy, you’ll need the new “Kings of Battle” key that can be purchased on the Market for GJN. Read more about the Market and Gaijin Coins on the Wiki.

Kings of Battle Trophy

Kings of Battle Key

In the autumn (fall) trophies, we’re bringing back several old camouflages that are in the greatest demand on the marketplace. In the “Kings of Battle” trophy, three tank and one aircraft camouflage are available, which was loved in previous trophies!

How to get it?

Camouflage trophies can be earned with a certain probability after any battle on vehicles rank II or higher, with activity of no less than 50% (except for [Assault] PvE mode). PlayStation and Xbox players can purchase the trophy in the Item Shop and open it with Golden Eagles. Read more on our wiki.

PC players must purchase a key from the Market to open the trophy, with part of the cost going to the camouflage creators. You can activate a key from the trophy on your account or sell it on the Market for Gaijin Coins - just like the trophy itself.

You can become a creator of user camouflages — check out an updated guide on our wiki! It will bring you both glory and real money as a part of the War Thunder partnership program!


Very nice. Now that more people will get the Papagei Staffel skin, the bug where the wings appear to be destroyed from cockpit will finally get solved.

There needs to be some guidelines set for whoever is choosing skins for the boxes.
In Sons of Attila, there were 2 skins for new vehicles, despite a lot of historical skin having been made during the dev server for new vehicles including Hungarian vehicles camos. Ofc no HU camo made it into that box or into the Kings of Battle box.

Which is quite infuriating as there are NO historical HU skin for any of the Turans or Zrínyis as the in-game ones are Kubinka paint jobs or straight fantasy ones like the Zrínyi I’s No.40 camo.

Usually, new vehicle skins are prioritized which makes me think this was a personal bias-fueled decision with the Sons of Attila skin choices as in the Kings of Battle trophy we have about 7 skins for new vehicles and 1 repeat for the BTR that had one in the previous too.
Just some examples:



Is this open to X Box users ?

Why are the previous boxes not convertible to warbonds anymore? Bug, or did gaijin forget?

There is a intentional delay. Right now latest trophy chest you can exchange for Warbonds is Apex Predators Trophy.

Hey Gaijin,

This trophy addition wasn’t too bad, but as someone who tries to collect all the camos I like, I have a few suggestions.

I understand that new additions need some further desirability, and that’s why you give them camouflages. I do hope you continue it. However, there are vehicles that have been in the game for years and have yet to receive a single one. I have a few suggestions (mostly for Japan haha):

Chi-To Late
This skin also has 94 votes on WT Live!

This plane came out over 9 years ago! I beg that you add one of these camos. It’s been way too long.

While the J6K1 is a more recent addition, I believe four years is long enough to warrant a new addition. This skin would make customization more accessible, as the current event skin is ~200 GJN, and would also preserve its value by being different.

AMX-50 TOA100
Added six years ago!

AMX-50 Foch
Also six years old no skin))

**Do-335 **
With how old (seven years!) and iconic these planes are, I’m surprised they don’t have a camo. I found a few that are interesting and swastika-free.

He 162
While technically it does have one trophy skin, it’s basically the same as the base camo. With how old the plane is, I believe it deserves another shot (also swastika free:

please please gaijoob holy snail just pick a few of my suggestions