How to play mig 23ML?

Literally everyone from friends to youtubers are saying that it’s the best 11.3 premium atm. Recently I bought it along with f4s and Mirage f1c but I’ve been enjoying the 2 other jets a lot more, r60Ms are garbage compared to magic 2s due to it’s large seeking circle (combined with lack of IRCCM makes it extra vulnerable to flares), the ACM mod of ML’s radar barely works because of it’s gigantic rectangular shape which often locks onto team mates, and the radar itself doesn’t even have PD unlike f4s, also 2 r24s and 36 flares/chaffs just aren’t enough (in comparison I’d rather take hundreds of regular flares and 4 AIM7F). tbh i think the only saving grace is it’s powerful engine and excellent maneuverability. the GSHK internal guns are better than french DEFA’s but you probably won’t get to use those against 12.3s anyways

btw I mainly play ground RB and just got into air, no need to get mad if I missed something

Sure R60-M falls a bit weak compared to AIM-9L and such but it is not that bad of a missile. MiG-23ML is basically (very similar except radar) an MLD. it is a good vehicle, for R24’s I think you should use T variant due radar. And do not bring mixed into high tier jet battles, flare priority is better.

I guess it’s the magic 2 on the f1c that are too good, at least r60ms are better than Aim9Gs

Magic 2’s are great missiles, and for ground RB (MIG) it is not a good option I must add, it lacks ballistic computer for bombs iirc

I’m not a french main ground wise tho (stopped at the 8.7 AMX30 bc of lack of apfsds and stab), currently grinding for 2A7, I was thinking about buying the german mig21bis to compliment my ground lineup but it seems that german air doesn’t have anything worthwhile, literally nothing new this update (except that pathetic copy paste tornato with 2 AIM9s and a few archaic bombs)

In my opinion MiG-23ML is an okay fighter but it has a bit of a learning curve. You do have better acceleration and speed, performance and such compared to other stuff in your BR however Russian standard IR missile for any tech tree vehicle and premium at that BR is R-60M’s. I recommend you don’t launch them more than 1.50-2 KM when in chase

yeah I think the f4s is more noob friendly, dogfighters are generally harder than missile carriers

F-5C, F-4S, Su-25 are the most beginner friendly air vehicles I can think of. Don’t really blame yourself for it I do not think ML is a good choice for an ARB beginner.

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If you have to ask such a question honestly you should have not be eligible to buy it, but the sad reality is otherwise. You get 2 free kills with the R24R (pick medium altitude targets within 5km), use r60m in close head ons. I doubt you know how to properly dogfight at that br so I wont bother with wing sweep

I don’t think dogfighting is valid at anything more than 10.3

At this point, probably. 11.3 and above it’s pointless

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you’re so incorrect it’s not even funny, r60ms are terrible and are borderline unusable since they were nerfed so heavily by the drag changes so now they can’t reach someone over a mile and a half away, the aim9l has twice the range and far more chance to ignore flares, for r24s you should bring the r24r since the radar is mediocre and you have IOG the r24r will still hit a person spamming chaff. As for countermeasures, you should bring mixed as they’re large caliber and you don’t need to drop as many.

it’s essentially uptiers to 12.3 every game, you’d get slaughtered by su27s and f15s before getting into close range in bvr and gripens if you manage to get close. In f4s at least I have a chance with a decent radar that works at low atitude, but in this thing…

r24r work well in 12.3, hug the ground and try to get 2 targets killed before dying. Maybe avoid the first wave all together if it’s a 12.3 game

I see, you actually wanted Su-27 performance for sale.
23ML is a solid plane unfortunately it gets sucked into top tier which is decompression problem rather than the plane.
R60M are good missiles and very few missiles at top tier have CCM, mostly from jets at 12.7
Magic 2 are among best missiles in the game but planes usually carried just 2 until recently
This is what happens when you skip the TT grind, you do not understand the powers and the advantages of your plane. And I’m not saying you should not enjoy two others more but you are fixated on all the wrong reasons.

You don’t have a true PD mode, but you do have MTI which functions the same. It’s not on by default, you need to bind a control for “switch radar/IRST mode”. Then stay low (<2km ish) and you’ll be able to use essentially PD, which makes the R-24Rs absolute menaces for anything within ~8km of you
I’d also advise taking the extra CM so you have 72 instead of 60

r60ms are NOT good missiles wtf game are you playing, the aim9j is better, they can’t even pull 30gs since the drag nerf, also something to note is the the ml get’s a old terrible rwr that doesn’t even tell you when a missile is launched just that you’re being locked.

Glad I did not bought this thing, su25k is more enjoyable.

the ML’s engine is excellent tho, I could easily out run other 11.3 single engine jets even with full fuel load. regard less overall it’s pretty meh and overhyped

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