How to play mig 23ML?

the mig23s are actually the fastest jets in game, you can easily reach mach 2 at altitude

I swaped out the r24rs with r24ts and the plane feels much better now, I just can’t stand the ML’s radar (I know it’s bad bc in comparison the f4s’s radar could consistently lock enemies 60km away)

the r60m will consistently ignore flares if you launch it from enslavement below 2km of distance. AIM9L will go for the first flare even point blank.

why is the radar bad? range is not concerning when all missile jousts happen below 30km. You can also notch NATO radars because they’re doppler while you can’t notch MiG23 ML’s radar because it’s not doppler but filters out ground clutter and chaff, thus making it the most consistent within-visual-range radar in the entire game.

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Try 1km, or even lower . Radar/IRST slaving might prevent the seeker from going for flares pre-launch, but after that the R60M is on its own.

irst is susceptible to flares, after all it’s a snake nose, it sees heat. The radar is the eyes and the eyes looking onto the target is going to lock consistently unless the enemy chaffs from further than 4km. Because the MiG23 ML radar can’t be notched nor chaffed since it’s a non doppler that filters out clutter/chaff. You however CAN notch perfectly while chaffing to break the lock since you confuse the radar.