How to play Air RB 10.3

Currently just unlocked the AJ37 viggen. I’m not doing great in it right now, having a .6 KDR. Any tips or tricks for playing the Viggen? Is there a specific playstyle I need to use? Is it better suited as CAS? Anything I really need to know about enemy airecraft at the BR range? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The AJ37 is not an easy plane to play. It’s certainly more of a CAS plane but it’s not unfeasible within ARB.

I usually take one CM pod and one cannon for the asymmetrical loadout and ofcourse the two Aim9J’s.

You have to be a rat and position yourself correctly at the beginning of the match. Stick with your team, maybe stay slightly behind them and try to catch players that arent paying attention.

The cannon takes a lot of practice to get good at so be patient. The Aim9J’s arent too bad atm.

Catch enemies off guard and if you get someone alone in a 1 v 1, remember that you bleed a ton of speed when you turn hard so always force that nose to nose (1 circle) fight and try to force them to overshoot. Youll get one or two opportunities before they gain position.

But most of the time you should use ur speed to boom and zoom in and out of the furball and just take shots of opportunity.

10.3 isnt too bad atm. Alot of premium players so youll get a lot of ppl with skill problems but the F5C’s are very good so dont get slow around them.

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Thank you, I will try this out next time I play!

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